Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New update and some issues!

Alright, while working on Kandai, I've realized I've held onto these books for too long so I'm releasing them.

Below are the changelogs for the books.

Modern Magika

6.01 to 6.02
Added Graphite Reloads for pencils

Advanced Arms 

Fixed Errors
Changed the MB5's sight to Advanced Combat Sight
Changed the range on all MA5s Except the civcilian model and the Kurz model
Changed spacesuits so that if they take too much damage, they lose the ablityt to protect one in space
Added Vaporizer
Added Countermeasures
Changed the cost, ammo cost, and power usage of gauss rifles

Changed how armor receives hardness for spaceships and put a limiter on it

Core Rulebook

6.03 to 6.04
Added the FN M249S, a semi auto machine gun
Changed the prices around on the saiga 12 and 20 shotguns
Changed the Maverick 88 shotgun's price
Changed how clothing, heat, and cold work, for Kandai
Added the Howda Pistol
Added the Ithaca Auto & Burgular SHotgun
Minor Error Fixes
Added the Magnum Research BFR
Changed all Notions of the "Folding knife" to the pocket knife, and subsequeqnty removed it's folding ability
Added "Mounted quiver" to Crossbow and bow upgrades
Gave bows and crossbows the ablity to take frame upgrades, and modifed many upgrades to work for bows and crossbows
Added Big Horn armoy model 89 Carbine

Added "Embedding Rules" for bleeding(Bows and thrown weapons catch a break now!)

Updated to be in more line with the rules in Core Rulebook.

Everything that's not listed wasn't changed.

Furthermore! I'm going to have to move from dropbox as they reported in March that they're discontinuing their "Public folder" so If anyone has any sudgestions on what to do instead, please email me at opsandtactics@gmail.com

Books are uploaded, as usual!