Friday, February 3, 2017

QUick update cause I needed to do it.

Changelog is below!

Advanced Arms

Added the Rates of fire for automatic weapons.

Modern Magika:

6.02 to 6.03
Fixed format errors

Core Rulebook

6.05 to 6.06
added Rates of fire to all automatic weapons
CETME AMil Added
Corrected errors on guns
Corrected a bunch of errors with capacities for guns
Removed the 30 round PX4 Mag(It doesn't actually exist)
Vastly Reduced the price of Modifcations to guns(Didn't make sense to purchase them)
made The polearms less ambigious by saying "up to 10 ft away" so that it is less confusing
Fixed an error in Vehicle combat that basically said "Squares" instead of ambiguous distance
Added The P224
Added the P245
Added Tannerite