Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A little update but a big update!

 Not much to say on this one, changelogs are below!

Modern Magika

6.38 to 6.39

Changed Shadow Substitute to trigger when you're damaged immediately

Formatting fixes

Core rulebook

6.47 to 6.48

Added Bow Fishing Kit

Fixed formatting errors

Changed "Dazed" to 1/3rd CP and flat footed. 

Gave Knowledge Business a synergy that reduces cost of new items

Gave knowledge civics a synergy that relates to speech craft or presence

Dedicated Canteen Pouch to all LBE gear

Changed Dazed to 1/3rd CP cost and flat footed

Added Sticky Grenade

Advanced Arms

6.23 to 6.24

Changed the Advanced combat helmet to allow for  a Gas Mask, Emergency Air Mask, Condenser-Diluter, Rebreather, Night Vision Goggles, Infrared Goggles, and Passive or Active Hearing Protection to be mounted to the helmet directly

Made the following changes to Spacecraft Equipment(As per Expletive):

Light Cannons ignore 2 HRD

Heavy Cannons ignore 4 HRD

Heavy Cannon damaged increased from 2d10 to 2d10+4

Heavy Cannon Range increased to 1-13

Made the following change to the coupler text: This upgrade is full set of couplers, allowing a spacecraft to tow as many objects as it's size and engines allow."

Plasma Pulse mine damage increased from 1d8 to 2d8

Changed Plasarms so that they now have a flat -3 Recoil penalty mitigated by everything else that mitigates recoil when doing double tap attacks with it. 

Armored shell changed to : 2/ba, 2/sl, pi, bl, 1/El,Pl



Added the S&W M&P 5.7

Added the Stacatto P, C2 and XC

Added the S&W M&P FPC