Thursday, March 17, 2022

Super minor clarification in Advanced arms

 Playtester pointed out that the curved hilt plasblade did not accurately portray it's CP increase, so I've clarified it. No update change cause this was intended.

Either way, it's updated!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

More Minor fixes!

 Had to fix an issue with splash damage, fixed the character sheet and added a non calculator version.

Minor things, changelog below

Modern Magika

6.33 to 6.34

Clarified how the potion slurrys work

Limited damage potions to 12d

Fixed typos

Advanced Arms
6.21 to 6.22
Cleaned up Deflect reaction language

Core Rulebook
6.43 to 6.44
Corrected some issues with splash weapons
Typos fixed

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Minor fixes

 Wouldn't be an Ops and Tactics release without me missing something.

The stuff's been updated. I had to fix some things in Advanced Arms.

Books are done.

 Bam. Told you.

Core Rulebook

6.42 to 6.43

Changed Crossbow damages

Increase damage of Light to 5d3

Increase damage of medium to 7d3

Increase damage of heavy to 9d3

Increase damage of superheavy to 11d3

Changed cold pack to also heal plasma damage

Changed Sword specialist feat to give a +4 damage bonus when performing a thrust attack

Added Pilot to white collar

added disable device to blue collar

Removed the "medium" sized weapons at the ready from the support upgrade

Changed armor and criticals so that armor is only ignored on rolls of 16-18.

Changed Battle axe to 1d10+2

Changed Broadaxe to 1d8+2

changed hand axe to 1d6+2

Changed shortsword to 2d3+1 piercing

changed the parrying dagger's bonus to Misc defense bonus

Changed the distance rifle feats to notate that the magnified optic must be 2x or more

Changed how repairing armor is calculated

Changed disarm attack to 5 CP

Added a -2 attak penalty to arm extremity damage

Converted vehicles and lodging to capitcal system

Removed the ablkity to rent houses due to the previous change.

Changed all of the "soft" ammo so that it gets penalties against armor

Changed Wadcutter so that it provides a -50% range increment penalty

Changed Semi-wadcutter so that it provides a -30% range increment penalty

Changed Semi-wadcutters back to 10% ER

Notated that Armor stops extremity damage

Added availiblity guideline

Changed Crafted tear gas to CS gas

Changed pepper spray to 10 shots

changed bear spray to 5 shots

Removed the disarm notion that larger weapons get a bonus to disarming

Split red dots into two groups, precise and quick reticle. THe precise reticle uses the old rules. The quick reticle grants a +2 on the first range increment

Reduced Speedfeed stock to 3 WP

Changed the M26 to use saiga mags

Changed the double barrel shotguns so that Over/unders get a +1 to single shots, and Side by sides get a +3 to potshot attacks

Changed molotovs to have an AOE long term round effect

Added the caliber .30 super carry

Removed the notion that critical strikes of 16-18 bypass armor

Notated that linked ammo not in ammo boxes is limited to 50 round links\

Changed the Compact barrel upgrade to grant a -1 attack penalty to any gun that takes the upgrade

Notated that unfolding a stock makes it larger

Changed whip chain to have a max range of 15'

Modern Magika

6.32 to 6.33

Changed Levitate to have a 30 ft range

Changed suspend attacks so they can now be done for 0 CP, so you can attack and throw in the same 7 CP

Changed Suspend attacks to range increments

Change Psiblades to Plasma damage

Changed Both Psiblades to 1d4+1 pow/2 damage

Changed Double bladed psiblade to 1d4+1/1d4+1 pow/2 damage

Changed standard psiblade critical strike to 11-18

Changed Double bladed psiblade critical strike to 12-18

Changed Curved psiblade critical strike to 10-18

Made the following changes to Psiblade Feats

Combined Double bladed psiblade profiency and standard psiblade profiency to a single feat

Combined Basic Deflect and basic defense

Fixed Incantation Occupations so that they have the correct feats

Changed mithril to double numerical values of enchantments

Changed adamaninte to give a third upgrade slot

Noted that non-ballistic ammuntion can be made from magical materials

made deconstruction a base option and gave it it's own enhancement tree

Chanaged all Evocation spells to have both touch, or ranged touch attack, as default, except for acid

Changed acid's base cost to 1d6

Removed Dual Weild Stylus

Changed Quick spell to -2 CP per effect, and reduced the cost to 4 Sp

Changed power stylus to +1 die per level, and notated that it can't be used with ranged stylus

Added Split stylus feat

Increased Adamantine plates AP to 154

Removed the Foc requirement for Engraver scribe

Reduced fluid jet to 8 units

Removed Fire burst

Removed Manipulate and blended it's effects into suspend

Renamed suspend to "Telekinetic Guidance"

Removed push and blended it's effects into Pull

Renamed pull to "Telekinect Fling"

Changed shake body to ranged touch and gave it a range increment of 20'

Changed "unbalance weapon" transmutation enhancement to affect any weapon

Changed engraving plaque to 2 WP

Removed the canvas medium

Changed the scroll CP cost to 7.

Notated that scrolls now take up 1/4th of the normal ML cost they would take up if they were a spell.

Changed Transmutation's Grease base spell to last for 5 rounds, and reduced the cost to increase the time so that it's only 1 sp per round

Changed Dragonbreed's Breath weapon FOrtitide saving throw to tn12 + (Cha * 2)

Removed Dragonbreed's slow healing penalty

Moved Dragonbreed's mental limit penalty to purebloods only

Advanced Arms

6.20 to 6.21

Added Expletive's new space rules

Changed the Smart gun to grant a +8 Recoil reduction

Changed the plasma DR system to a shield system

Changed the time it takes for a shield to recharge to 3 turns

Changed High Efficency coolant pack to give it 30 soak

Changed extended armor coolant pack to give 15 soak

Change quick charge armor coolant pack to only give half soak, and reduced the time it takes to charge to 1 round