Saturday, January 11, 2014

Minor change

Due to someone pointing out how dumb something was with the kantari, I changed them.

They're not aliens anymore!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another update, this one not as big

So I started doing some real crunching with numbers, figuring out things out, benefits to cost and such.

And I stumbled upon something to be noted with elves.

As far as races go, they are(were) one of the best to hybridize, because of their high CP to relative low HP reduction.

So I changed it. Elves now have a -1 to their Core HP. What I ALSO did is increase the bonus they receive for things with scopes, and the bonus they receive for bows, crossbows, and the like.

Just to balance them out a tad bit more.

But, as such, this means new version, SO GO GET IT!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Real Blog Post. I promise.

First off, I do apologize for the short message last night, and the unexplaining.

Now that I've got some rest, my phone has been rooted to it's proper OS(That is, not the stock OS), and I've eaten, I can explain what the hell is going on.

First off, there was a new book released! Called Advanced Arms. Advanced Arms adds two new playable races, some futuristic technology, a bunch of gun equipment stuff, and a new gun type! Plasma Weapons!

When I worked don plasma weapons, I took inspiration from Halo's plasma weapons when I worked on these, and it shows. There's also plasma smithing, which allows you to create your own plasma weapons, using the Craft(Electronics). The book is short(For me) for a splat book, but it is packed full of fun things to use on your futuristic, or sci-fi adventures. Caseless guns are also in the book, their primary benefit being the large amount of ammunition, and metered, prefilled magazines that they use.

As with all releases, there was a wipe across the board for updates, so go and download all the latest ones so you stay up to date with all of the bugfixes.

Now that old business is done, new business is abound!

Due in part to the gracious web developer Hospes/Senonu, he has created a website for me that we will be migrating to soon(when I can figure out how to do that). Hopefully I won't get popular enough to crash the site.

New book ideas! So talking with one of the players I play with on a weekly basis, he has expressed the want to have some kind of charts to convert 3.5 stuff into Ops and Tactics Compatible stuff.

But that's a dumb idea.

You know what's not a dumb idea? WRITING A NEW BOOK.

And thus, Ops and Tactics: Sword and Board is born. Sword and Board is going to be a complete rewrite of the Ops and Tactics system, that is a stand alone RPG that is basically a ripoff of 3.5/Pathfinder, but using the Ops and Tactics Skillset/Featset/Combat System. 

And No, there won't be guns in this one. This is going to be a medieval, fantasy game.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This post is going to be short, I'll give a better explanation later

Advanced arms is out, and available for download!