Thursday, August 30, 2018

Format update and a new book!

So! I''m pushing out a new update. This one is super minor but it should improve the readablity of the books by great

Firstly, I moved the GM spec sheet to it's own book called "The GM and player guide" that should..well..assist GMs and players

Secondly, I've done a lot of moving around of things to make the book easier to read

Also! It's come to my attention that Adobe Acrobat Reader makes the book look weird in some places, so please try and use other PDF readers and not Adobe Acrobat, since it's crap.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Alright! I'm getting the books ready for a printing, so I've elmininated a bunch of the numbers in the titles for sections.

It looks better!

Also fixed errors. Below are changelogs!

Core Rulebook

6.13 to 6.14
Changed Ready action to not change the initiative of someone
Changed the ready action to be limited to one attack action per turn
Added "Drive stun" ability for tasers
Changed CD rom software to DVD rom(C'mon it's 2018)
Gave PCs a Blue-ray player over a DVD
Increased the upgrade cost of Desktop pc from 3 WP to 4 WP
Changed weight of notebook and desktop computers
Changed weight of disposable camera
Fixed formatting errors
Added the cost to powdered drinks
added water for purchase
Gave the vz61 a integral stock
Gave the Agram 2000 a permanet angled foregrip
Gave the Beretta model 12 a permanent vertical foregrip
Gave all UMPs a tactical Rail
Gave Kriss Vector a tactical rail
Removed MP40's permanet vertical foregrip
Changed Ar-7's stock to synthetic
Added the fact that the Sub2000 can be "Disassembled" (Folded) and it is medium sized when it is folded
Let SMGs take Short barrel rifle so that it can change it's designation to carbine
Gave AR-10 and AR10a3 an optics mount
Gave QBZ type 95 a bayo lug
Removed the "target" from the RFB
gave the svd a bayonet lug(why?)
Gave the F2000 an advanced combat sight
Gave the Zastava M76 a bayonet lug(why?)
Changed the PSG1's stock to Ergonomic
Changed Panzerb├╝chse 39 to a folding stock
Changed the Fusil to clip fed, and made fusil enbloc clips for it.
Changed the berthier from 3 round to 5 round
Changed that the Winchester 1895 can use stripper clips to reload
gave the Fedorov Avtomat a permanent vertical foregrip
Gave the Madsen a bipod
Changed the negev's stock to folding
Gave the FN-MAG a optic mount
Removed the "Error range increase' for the Negev MG.
Added the NEGEV NV-7, a GMPG 7.62 MG
Fixed the G3a3 and a4's weight issue
Added Individual Field Dressing
Added "Preserved meat" to the food
Corrected the Six12's upgrades to read correctly
Increased Law enforcement and investigative's handgun budget to 30 WP and added .357 Sig to the list of approved calibers

Modern magika
6.11 to 6.12
Complete Spellcheck
Added in throwing weapons for ingot crafting(Can't believe I forgot that)
Changed teleportation os that it's touch only
Allowed pencils to write on more than just standard or cotton paper and extended it to all papers.
Added "Cloth books"
Added Cap's shield and Thor's hammer
Changed all Black powder single shot guns from SA to single
Removed "Gordon Gecko's tie"

Advanced Arms

Clairified that you only need one hand to repair a cybernetic limb
Changed book to look better for printing

As always the books are updated here, and the

Monday, August 20, 2018

A Stealth Edit out of nowhere!


Had to do some fixes! But here they are!

Core rulebook:

(Stealth Edit) Fixed the PWA PDW AR-57 CQB AR upper to be in decimal lbs.
(Stealth Edit) Changed all of the skill feats to a single feat called "Skill Focus". No game effects have been changed
(Stealth Edit) Changed all of the Saving throw feats to a single feat called "Focused saving throw". No game effects have been changed
(Stealth Edit) Added ball bearings.

Modern Magika
6.10 to 6.11
Gave Abjuration trap detection more options than just burst radius
made abjuration's traps more clear on what you can do
Clarified beaconpaper's "Line of sight"
Removed Spell Focus feat
Removed Potionmaker feat
Changed Enchantment so that you can have an item be activated on touch, or immediately
Changed Fire Cantrip from "Ball of light" to "Ball of fire"
Combined FIre cantrip
Gave Illusion a cantrip that allows them to create a ball of light that is 30' burst, and can be placed up to 50' away from the caster
Added a mangetism cantrip to eletric evocation.
Changed Enchantment from options to "uses" and "Time"
Changed Evocatioon's enchantment to allow the imparting of enchantments to ammuntion for ranged weapons, BUT if you fire ammuntion that is already enchanted, it only uses the ammunition's enchantment, and it counts as a use for the enchanted weapon
Gave enchantment a cantrip that allows somene to determine what the effect and charges a magic item or aetheritem has
Added the ablity for a mage to "Sign" an enchanted item
Doubled the bleed damage output for conjuration(1 SP per 2 bleed)
Allowed Tranmutation to shape the ingots in any polyhederon
Gave Illusion a new power "distort" taht allows it to give an object or a creature concealment
Gave illusion some prestidigitation effects

FID is also updated to link up with the updates

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Release day! Releasing the new fixes

Y'all know what to do by now!

Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook
6.12 to 6.13
Changed locations of some text to make the game easier to read/learn
Removed .22 short from the reload list
Items that carry other items now have a maximum size they can fit objects.
Any object that "Increases strength for carrying capacity" now just gives you the carrying capacity bonus
Changed carrying capacity so now it's a formula (str score * 3 lbs) 
Volume of liquids has been changed to generic "units", where 8 fl oz/60 ml is 1 unit, in 1 increments
Changed the Craft pharma's Antiseptics bonuses to reflect purchased Antiseptics
All Weights are crunched down into "Decimal Pounds", or pounds and percentages of a pound
Changed Forgery and Authentication kits to Gigantic and removed their weight
Changed k2 and K1a1 to 0% error range, and made the K1 a folding stock
Changed Gillie suit to 20 minutes to change
Gave clothing a carrying capacity and some outerwears
Noted that wearing clothes doesn't go against your carrying capacity
Added the notion that a spotter users all of their CP to spot
Changed a lot of the food to decimal lbs.
Changed Canned food to 1-8 NV, and reccomended that a GM roll a d8 to determine the value
Changed Pistol whip damage
Blended SMG Feats into Rifle and carbine feats
Blended Machine pistol feats into handguns
Eliminated "PDW" Feats.
Moved all the "Reloader" feats to their respective locations
Moved a LOT of the flavortext for guns explaining their history and use to the GM section
Changed the machinegun box cost by size
Combined Pump Gunner and lever action shooter into one single feat called "manual action quickshot"
Reduced Ergonomic stock's time to get it situated from 1d4 days to 1d3 hours, and allowed it to be readjusted to a new user taking 1d3 hours
Changed all of the notations in the calibers to go from slases to more natural "Or" and "And" language when determining what calibers one can use
Changed galil ace to 4T upgrade slots
Changed Rpd to linked with 100 round boxes
Changed Pistol lower to allow it to attach stocks.
Clarified Double bowman so that it is a MODIFICATION of the standard attack, and not a seperate attack
Removed the -1 to attack per bleed dice, due to it's non-use and balance issues
Allowed Flamethrower shells to ignite fluids

Modern Magika

6.09 to 6.10
Changed all Weights from oz to decimal Lbs
Changed the formula for Kobolds Carry Capacity
Changed the formula for cave dwarfs carry capacity
Increased the amount needed to craft bloodink to 1 unit
Increased the amount an ink pouch can carry to 1 unit
Removed Dramatic Dungarees
Increased Potion pouch to hold 2 potions

Gave Globe launcher filings cost

Advanced Arms

Items that carry other items now have a maximum size they can fit objects.
Gave the jackets a carrying capacity
Volume of liquids has been changed to generic "units", where 8 fl oz/60 ml is 1 unit, in 1 increments
All Weights are crunched down into "Decimal Pounds", or pounds and percentages of a pound
Gave Brawler's jacket pockets