Monday, July 20, 2020

The perverbial "I ain't dead" Post!

Lotta stuff going on with me, but I'm still writing!

As always, I have some new hotness for you all, so here we go!

As a note! All FIGS and SALTS have been updated so grab em all!

As always, stay healthy, and stay safe. If you can't stay safe, stay dangerous.

Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook
6.39 to 6.40
Added a point in the GM section about giving BV for roleplay
Changed all notions of "Not affected by Error Range due to ammunition." To "Not affected by Error Range from ammunition."
Changed Tranqulizer rifle to large
Moved the mounts for helmets so that you can mount things to Helmets for 3 WP.
Notated that the Taurus Millenium 111(Currently known as the G3C) can take Sig P226 9mm magazines
Notated that the Taurus Millenium 140 can take Sig P226 40 magazines

Modern Magika
6.29 to 6.30
Added a magical camera and magical microphone for divination's spellschool
Added a Trace cantrip for up to 8 hours to divination

Advanced Arms
6.19 to 6.20
Added the following line to Synthetics: Synthetics that are reduced to -1 CHP or below do not suffer from the Dying condtion, and do not need to be stabilized. Any time a synthetic would be Dying, they are Disabled instead.