Monday, May 22, 2017

The project isn't dead. I promise.

Sorry for the long radio silence. I've been working(Real job) and it's not giving me much time to work on the game. But There's aslo been a major change.

So I'm changing the format of how the firearms appear in the book, taking the "Standard equipment" and merging them with the rest of the chart so it's a one stop shop. Not my idea, given to me by a contributor.

Second thing: Character sheets are nearing completion, but the core rulebook's stuff comes first. There are a LOT of guns to reformat. It's..frustrating.

Also, I'm using this to actually make modifcations on stats for some guns because when I created the gunlist I didn't know/own any guns. I'm not a veteran of guns, so Shit's being changed.

Email me for any questions!