Thursday, February 27, 2020

A ghost edit is upon us

Some players found a really weird edge case in two aspects so I had to correct it.

Ghost edits are below

Core Rulebook

(Ghost Edit) SHield warriior's requiroement for archiac weapon Proficiency was removed

(Ghost Edit) Added the G43 in battle rifles due to edge case not being able to use it as one.

This was just for the core rulebook. Everything else is fine for now.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Monthly update, and you know, some more news

Alright! Craft updated the FIGs and I had to update the books so new books!

Firstly, some news.

I've decided to (Finally) discontinue support of the versions 5e and 4e because no one plays them anymore and no one cares. They've been up for years and I've yet to get a single question, point, sudgestion, or anything on them. Letting them die.

Secondly, We have a public discord! It's here!

Come join us!

Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook

6.33 to 6.34
Added Wounding radius for the various other thigns that have wounding radius
Corrected grammar and spelling issues
Changed the "Knocked prone" rule to use the identical DC of the explosive that can be knocked prone
Changed handaxe damage to 1d6+1
Gave the FNp90 an optics rail and changed it's stock to synthetic
Changed the licensing system in the following ways
M&P has been split into Weapons and explosives, and chemicals and narcotics.
Illegal now has to be purchased per single item, and no longer rolls down like the rest
Changed the SMG gunsmithing to 6th category max
Doubled the value one gets from base save bonuses COP for 1st level

Modern Magika
6.24 to 6.25

Changed Engraver scribe to allow people to engrave spells for other people and also tattoo other people

Advanced Arms
6.17 to 6.18
Added some more legal upgrades for plasmasmithing

Changed the hidden ranged weapon elarm so that it can only be purchased in single fire


So what craft told me is that he changed some creation structure with how Sentiens gain feats. To quote

"The first one is that I changed how Sapient type creatures/monsters gain feats. It is now 1 feat per every two Hit Dice after the first. (Any creatures this would have effected were updated according.)
The second one is notation in the description of Outsider type monsters. Due to their nature as basically supernatural creatures, I have denoted that the GM may determine if such a creature would be able to bleed or not if not otherwise denoted in the creature's profile."

The books are posted! Go get them!