Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Added some minor things

1st Edition 1.1 Is out! Saw some minor errors with text, a few things I overlooked, and the most important change, weapon Focus.

It's a +3, instead of a +1, making it actually useful.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The FaQ Post.

So I felt this was necessary, from all of the posting on /tg/.

How does it compare to GURPS?

It's not as detailed as GURPS and it's many splatbooks(Specifically High Tech), on the fact that the detail just kind of gets in the way, nor is it built toward ANY campaign, strictly modern(Cold War to 2020)

How does it Compare to D20 Modern?

I've yet to come across anyone who said that D20 Modern was better than what I wrote

How does it Compare to WoD?

I don't know. I've never read or played WoD. Read it and judge for yourself?

Why did you make so many guns?

Variety. Variety is the spice of life. That, and I enjoy detail, and I know people who would also enjoy the type of detail I put in that. I wanted to create a game that didn't just slap on "Light pistol" for every handgun, and make caliber choice, and size, actually mean something in the gane.

Why are there Classes/Levels? I hate Class-Systems!

Balancing issues, and it's a D20 System game. That is a core mechanic to the system. And I like them, personally.

Why are there no Alignments?

Because modern people are too restrictive to be put into a 9 spaced box. This could be said about Fantastical people too...

Why not just have a system where guns are classified by "Size"(Eg: Light pistol, Heavy Pistol), and customize them by special additions? Where a Glock would be A light pistol with rugged and Composite?

Beacause that's dumb, and actually /takes away/ from the detail. A Glock may be a "Light Pistol" but it is first and foremost, a Glock. It has a Rail on the frame, it is composite and steel, it is (Usually) Black, with no active safety. Thats what this system promotes. Not just Customizability, but the actual /feel/ of customizing. Not the fact where you're just slapping different names on the same gun, all because they're "Similar".

Why isn't (insert Favorite gun here) in the game?

Probally for one of a few reasons, but usually, multiple..

1. It's a Clone of a gun that already is, and the only thing that varies is quality, if even that.
2. It shoots an oddball or old, rarely used caliber
3. There's already a gun that might as well be a clone listed.
4. I don't like that gun, so I'm keeping it out.(Note: This applies for one gun, and one gun only, the Vector CP1. I don't like the way it looks, I don't like the fact that there was a MAJOR recall on the ENTIRE GUN, because LIGHT BUMPING would set it off, and I don't like the fact that it looks like a fucking ray gun.)
5. I missed it.
6. I didn't know how to stat it.(.303, looking at you)
7. It didn't meet the Original Requirements(Manufactured/use past the Cold war, or enjoys at least a halfway decent use /after/ said Cold War)
8. I didn't know it existed.
9. I didn't know it was widely used.
10. I did it just to spite you. Yes. You.
11. I was saving it for the newer version, where that gun was used more widespread.

I don't like that there are so many guns, I just get confused. Why couldn't you make less guns?

The gun you are looking for is the Glock 19. Enjoy the game.

Where is the Fluff?

I didn't put any fluff in this game specifically because i didn't want to limit myself, or my players, on what kind of worlds they could make or participate in.

Short answer? It's in your Imagination.