Saturday, December 29, 2018

The G11

Quick update because my playtesters demanded these guns.

6.22 to 6.23
Added G11
Added AN94
Removed RRA Entry Tactical and Car tactical

Yes, this is literally it.

Enjoy and have fun reading!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Early Anniversary release

It's almost the 8th(?) anniversary of when I released this thing on /tg/, and I figured I'd like to put out an update to celebrate it. I want to thank everyone who's played and enjoyed this game for as long as it's been out there. Thanks for supporting me and helping me out with this stupid little project of mine!

It's not much, but there were some changes that were needed and I felt I had to do them! Changelog is below

Oh! I also fixed some errors in the GM and Player guide, so you can grab that one too!

Core Rulebook
6.21 to 6.22
Added Ruger preciscion Rimfire and Rimfire magnum rifles
Added Ruger american ranch in .223 that takes AR-15 mags
Reduced the WP cost to make Painkillers by 1
Reduced the amount of purchasable antivirals to 3 doses
Reduced the amount of purchsable antiseptics to 2 doses
Clarified the poison types so that it's more clear what kind of poisons they area
Removed the ablity to purchase poisons for +5 WP
Doubled the amount of Hemostat medicine you make through crafting
Added Missing calibers for reloading
Moved reloading information to ammunition
Reduced the cost of casings for reloading

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Update for the holiday season, and a update on what's going on!

New Update has been posted, and the changelog is below!

Modern magika
6.16 to 6.17
Changed some of the TNs to transmutation's terrain manipulation to increase the TN cost instead of a static.
Added more things one can do with the illusions they summon

Core Rulebook
6.20 to 6.21
Corrected some wording in Armor
Corrected weight for generic guns
Added in the IWI GL 40, a Tavor/Galil Ace Grenade launcher
Added in Tavor 7 and Tavor X85
Added in the S&W SW22 Victory
Added a new rule that allows players to wager CP and attack penalties for bonuses to their initiative.

This change was done for the sake of an issue with initiative being the end-all be all of the start of combat. So, it's a way to balance it out!

Added every caliber of the Thompson contender that they make. Which is most calibers in the game, and allowed for the Thompson contender to purchase new barrels for 10 WP
Added the MAGAL, a Galil in .30 carbine that takes m1 carbine magazines
Gave the LCP a 7 round magazine possiblity
Added the notion that speedloaders require you to dump all of the rounds in a gun to use
Added the ability foir the tactical holder to hold 6 cased rounds, for single loading goodness

Updates on what's going on!

So I've started to write some more rules, for sport shooting! That's right, you should be able to do USPSA/3 Gun using the Ops ruleset!

It's mostly a minigame, but a big one, and I hope it catches on!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Some weird goings on with Modern Magika

I don't know what was going on, but apparently a VERY older version of Modern magika was uploaded. It's since been fixed, so if your version looks wrong, it probaby is.

Here's the changelog, for good measure

Modern magika
6.15 to 6.16
Added new artifacts
Removed War Scythe
Added a cantrip for abjuration that halves all necromancy life damage
Added necromancy life damage to the list of possible barriers for abjuration
Doubled The Repeat, Maximize, and guide spell cost for necromancy
Changed the metered slurry potion from 3 rounds to 6 rounds
SHifted around Healing and Bolstering Hex incantations

And it's back up!

So odd.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Website down, maybe permanently

Welp, so the website died.

And this is still a hobby project.

I looked into hosting, but shit's expensive yo. I will definitely continue to work on this project here, but for now, the website may be gone until I can either find cheaper hosting or have the funds to actually afford two hundred fucking dollars for site hosting.

If you have any idea or any help, hit me up at the email:

The "Tarkov" Update

Alright ladies and gents, buckle up becasue this one's gonna be a long post.

So, I've recently started playing a game "Escape from Tarkov" and usually when I mention a game in this blog it means that some serious shit is changing.

Thankfully, that isn't entirely the case this time. But I do want to start by saying that this update was heavily influenced by the game. As such I will be actually annotating some of the changelogs that I have.

My annotations will be in red.

And yes, I know, three updates in a month. It's like old times.

Core Rulebook
6.19 to 6.20
Reduced gunsmithing's success to remove ER from 4 per to 3 per
Changed all small kits to move from a -2 to a +0
This was done because after a lot of consideration, it's kinda bullshit that a small kit, at best, still gives you a negative. 
Increased Tactical Flashlight to 4 WP
Added three versions of tactical flashlights, one with a brighter light, one with a laser and light, and one with a light and strobe to possibly blind someone for a round.
This one was a tarkov influence. I also wanted some kind of way to truly make the MK23 from MGS. Basically you buy a flashlight and you can select one of three "Types" and that's your flashlight. Simple

Added shotgun tube extension upgrade
Basically what this allows is for someone to take a tube fed shotgun, and give it more rounds. This is an extremely common upgrade for shotguns, so common that even one of my personal shotguns has one. However, see below to the limitations to this.

Made a MAJOR change to how shotguns function due to previous addition: Straight barrel shotguns are now considered the long barreled versions(Think a 26-28 inch standard barrel) by default, and the combat cut sawn off upgrade actually chops them down to "Riot length"(18-20 inches). This was due to the fact that there was some ambiguity on how long shotgun barrels were, HOWEVER all shotguns that "Should" have the combat cut upgrade will receive it without any detriment to their range.
Notated that cutting a shotgun barrel doesn't remove the function from the shotgun barrel.
Also another necissary notation. So if you upgrade your shotgun from..say straight barrel to a rifled barrel, you don't lose the fact that it's a rifled barrel just cause you cut it down. It's an addition, not a replacement.
Reduce the Breaching choke's penalty from 15' to 10'
Added improved cylinder to have a -2 when using any ammo that isn't buck or birdshot
Added 9mm and .380 to the 410 conversion barrel(For the Judge/govenor)
A Taurus Judge shooting 9mm is just..hilarious to me.
Added .40, .22 WMR, 17 HMR and .380 to the 12 gauge conversion barrel
Disallowed certain firearms, due to their design, from taking the shotgun magazine upgrade
So, here's where things get freaky. Some shotguns, such as the Mossberg 500/Maverick 88 series have shotgun tubes that, instead of having an open cap, actually screw into the tube, completely disallowing them to actually upgrade the capacity. This was actually the reason I didn't include this change earlier becuase I couldn't figure out a good way to do this. Now I did, so here we are. This is also necissary for some over under shotguns that technically fit all of the requirements for said shotgun magazine upgrade but they're break action and it doesn't make sense.
Changed the inch level of combat cut(now 15-20 inch) and coach gun(now 6-14 inch) lengths
Changed some capacities of some shotguns cause they were incorrect
Added the FN SLP Competition
Cut down liberator reload time to 12
If you had less than 14 CP you couldn't reload it.
Added Mossberg 590M, the magazine pump action shotgun
Added more calibers to the remington falling block rifle
Added Tanfoglio Witness firearms in multiple calibers and sizes
The only .38 Super gun that isn't a 1911.
Moved .338 Lapua Magnum from 9th category to 10th category for gunsmithing
Oversight from a previous change.
Changed .38 Super damage to 3d4+3/-3
This was pointed out to me by the co-author's brother, about velocities of the 10mm. Before this change, the damages of 10mm and .38 super were the same, with .38 super having the slightly better average. it's a small change cauise they are relatively close, but 10mm is better.
Changed some Double barrel shotguns so instead of having an internal mag of 2(That's not technically how they work), they have an internal magazine of 1 per barrel, and clarified that those that are technically "Semi auto" (two shot) can't use the new shotgun mod(How do you attach a tube magazine to a double barrel break action?)
So with this, basically the way it works is that you have two single barrels, not a magazine of two. This way you can better load them independently and it makes a little more sense this way.
Added Armsport 2700, a 10 gauge over under
Player Request.
Added "Beveled magazine well" upgrade for handguns and Machine pistols
GURPS had it. I like it. Now we have it too.
Added a metric conversion for metric players.
Sure. Why not?

Also! I still am working on SQUATS 2.0, but it's going slow. I want to make squats a one and done. It should be possible since there's just total, but I want to take my time. It'll be done, eventually!

The updates are posted(By time of reading this, in both the zip file here, so go get it!

As always, feel free to email me using the blogger contact, or the email at!

And happy playing!

Edit: I just noticed the website is down. I think I'll have to swap hosting(After a long many years). So working on that ASAP!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fixing some issues with the Core rulebook

So! I had to fix some issues with the core rulebook that were kinda glaring and I forgot.

It's too big for a ghost edit, so I decided to increment.

This only affects core rulebook.

6.18 to 6.19
Changed HEDP to Slashing/Concussive
Changed Slow ROF so that it can't burst fire but can double tap
Corrected errors
Clarified Dead shot's wording
Changed Power attack to 2 damage per 1 BAB
Changed adrenaline rush to once per hour
Added PSA AR 15 uppers in 9mm, .40, 45, and 10mm glock mags
Added Olympic arms 30 carbine upper
Added Alexander ARms .17 HMR upper
Double bowman feat no longer requires +2 CP to use, and grants +2 damage dice

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I had to repair some errors that were made.

But, they have been updated! Go and grab them!

Friday, November 16, 2018

New release!

What's up fellow Oats Players!

New Release is out, so check the changelogs!

Also, i'm going to be updating Spiderbot soon, so look out for that.

Core Rulebook
6.17 to 6.18
You can only buy licensed or restricted licensing at chargen, unless a GM says otherwise
Notated that you can buy guns with M&P if you take the upgrades that reduce their license level
Reduced "Duplicate" firearms(Firearms with the exact same stat lines except for calibers) into a single blurb
Changed the .22 LR NAA to 6 WP and the .22 Mag to 8 WP
Eliminated the .22 Short NAA and included .22 short into the .22 LR NAA
Gave the Stoeger double defense combat cut
Added the "Rossi Shotgun pistol"(Thanks Canada)
Added the Winchester 1894 in .30-30(There are too many of these guns)
Added a "Chunky salsa"/Massive Damages rule(Please don't roll tank damage dice on a creature)
Added the MTs255-12 and 20 in Tactical flavors.
Flipped AKM and AK-47 Weights
Corrected some ROFs for the MP5 Series of SMGs
Added 20 Round 5.56 AK magazines
Changed the Scar Grenade launcher to work on ANY scar pattern rifle
Added Ruger Preciscion Rifle in 300 win and 338
Allowed Rapiers to slash attack
Reduce the damage of a spear's bludgoning attack
Attached bayonet to a rifle gives +1 Damage dice
Changed how Staves work. Instead of being the non-pointy spears, they instead are double weapons
Removed Jagged sword
Linked Some exotic weapons to pre-existing melee weapons
Raised Hallbeard damage to 2d8
Changed heavy Weapons feats
Kamas now get a minor disarm bonus
Flails ignore shield bonuses
Added the .380 ACP Hi point carbine.
Added Henry Lever action 410 shotgun
Added hearing Protection: While Ops and Tactics doesn't model against going deaf due to gunfire(Thankfully), they are useful in avoiding flashbangs and the like. Also gotta complete that operator look.
Changed the weights Forced entry unit and special response vest
Clarified the Critical strike/automatic hit mess. All natural rolls between 16-18 are automatic hits, and critical threats are only successful if you hit the person, if your crit range is better than 16-18
Changed stumble reaction so that it doesn't end the turn of the person stumbled

Advanced Arms

Changed Spinal lancing to give a negative to CHP when installed
Added "Hornetbots" to the beebot/spiderbot dynamic. This is 100% a cosmetic addition. Hornet bots do the exact same thing as beebots
Changed some of the caseless firearms's ranges to be correct with their upgrades
Changed MTarmor to MTunit

Modern Magika

6.15 to 6.16
Added new artifacts
Removed War Scythe
Added a cantrip for abjuration that halves all necromancy life damage
Added necromancy life damage to the list of possible barriers for abjuration
Doubled The Repeat, Maximize, and guide spell cost for necromancy
Changed the metered slurry potion from 3 rounds to 6 rounds
SHifted around Healing and Bolstering Hex incantations

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Field Identifacation manual has been updated!

Craft has bestowed upon me the new Field Identification Manual, so I'm giving it to you!

It's in the downloads, and on the website, and it looks great!


Ghost edits!

I made a ghost edits due to a fan! Thanks fan!

I basically removed the recoil penalty addition for synthetic stocks, since not getting a bonus is penalty enough.

It's posted, so go and grab it!

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I've updated the books with the latest update!

Below are the changelogs!


6.16 to 6.17
Fixed color issue
More Formatting issues corrected
Lowered XP to the following levels
Party (Total Enemy BV)d2×25xp
Removed actions and personal XP
Changed Pistol gri and Folded folding stocks from -3 atk penaly doubling the range increment penalty
Changed Stripper clip guide to also use magazine fed rifles, instead of just self loading rifles
Added the ablity to "Unload" ammo from a magazine
Change cutlass to medium size
Changed the Axe Feats to instead of giving better critical, instead do more damage.
Changed the critial threats of the fencing swords and parrying dagger
Changed the Fencing sword feats minorly
Removed "Damage" from mastercraft description
Removed the Tavor STAR(It's a Tavor with a bipod)
Changed Sig SSG 556 to Sig SG550 Sniper. Name change only
Gave the SCAR L HB the extended barrel upgrade
Gave the SCAR H HB the extended barrel upgrade
Moved the MK-18 Mod 1 Mjolinr to AMR rifles\
Added the notion that SBR upgrade can turn DMRs into Battle Rifles
Changed Vehicle colisions from smallest to largest
Added Rifled Chokes
Increased Removeable choke barrel cost to 12 WP
Added Trauma Plates, a ballistic only light option
Allowed handguns with an auto featuree to be used for some Machine pistol feats

Modern magika

6.14 to 6.15
Gave ingots rudimentary weights.
Changed the cost of some of the potions

Ghost edit: Fixed some errors with pricing

Go get it, and play! Have fun!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Cop game Update!

Found some errors when running my Cop game, so I'm updating the book!

Core Rulebook

6.15 to 6.16
Added MP-443 Gratch
Corrected the grip sight's bonuses
Changed How Grapple works in the following Way
AoOs don't stop grapples
Successful Grapple checks don't deal damage.
Removed the rule that you fail if it's two sizes larger
Can't attack with weapons while in grapple
Character is considered flatfooted while in grapple
Draw a small or smaller weapon or opject while in grapple(This is to facilitate handcuffing)
Use a small object(For handcuffing, drugging, etc)
Removed the "Light weapon" system
Gave all Ithaca's slamfire
Corrected Mossberg 500 Tactical cruiser's size
Added More Adler A110s Designated the long barreled ones as "Hunters" and the Short ones as Shortys
Changed "Rifle butt" to "buttstroke"

Advanced Arms
Formatting Fixes
Changed Augmentations for hidden firearms rules
Gave all the armors that protect agisnt plasma and electric the ablity to ignore stun effects that have elctric damage
Changed "Rifle butt" to "buttstroke"

Modern Magika

6.13 to 6.14
Added a new sight to Incantations
Allowed incantaitons to do hand signals
Added spell book, a book that can be used to write spells down and make your own custom spell book
Changed the cost of weak spell inks
Changed the cost of Potent spell inksChanged the price of standard spell ink carteriges
Changed the TNs of some of the cantrips for evocation
Change Mithril so that it removes the notion of "light weapons"

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Small update!

Small update that fixes some issues! Not really a lot of rule changes

6.14 to 6.15
Reduced Penlight's weight from 6 lbs to .6 lbs(!)
Changed some weights of narcotics to be weightless and changed the dosage ratings of MDMA, Cocaine, and Cannabis
Changed magazine pouces so that they can only hold 60 rounders or less
Removed all Mossberg JICs
Added Ithaca 37 Shockwave
Added the note in "Reload a weapon" that you need at least one functional hand free to reload a weapon.
Changed the Mini-30's magzines by removing the 100 round drum(Doesn't exist)
Added Ruger american ranch (7.62x39, mini-30 mags and .300 Blk, AR-15 Mags)

Advanced arms

Clairified that you only need one hand to repair a cybernetic limb
Changed book to look better for priting

Modern Magika

No change
Fixed some spelling/formatting errors

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ghost Edit

I made an update that basically fixed some typos. Nothing has been changed

Ghost edits!

Also, I'm nearly done with the first module. I'm gonna run it through some playtesters, maybe do a reformat of the Gun charts, and then put the books for "Pay what you want" on drivethruRPG!

We shall see how it goes!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Format update and a new book!

So! I''m pushing out a new update. This one is super minor but it should improve the readablity of the books by great

Firstly, I moved the GM spec sheet to it's own book called "The GM and player guide" that should..well..assist GMs and players

Secondly, I've done a lot of moving around of things to make the book easier to read

Also! It's come to my attention that Adobe Acrobat Reader makes the book look weird in some places, so please try and use other PDF readers and not Adobe Acrobat, since it's crap.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Alright! I'm getting the books ready for a printing, so I've elmininated a bunch of the numbers in the titles for sections.

It looks better!

Also fixed errors. Below are changelogs!

Core Rulebook

6.13 to 6.14
Changed Ready action to not change the initiative of someone
Changed the ready action to be limited to one attack action per turn
Added "Drive stun" ability for tasers
Changed CD rom software to DVD rom(C'mon it's 2018)
Gave PCs a Blue-ray player over a DVD
Increased the upgrade cost of Desktop pc from 3 WP to 4 WP
Changed weight of notebook and desktop computers
Changed weight of disposable camera
Fixed formatting errors
Added the cost to powdered drinks
added water for purchase
Gave the vz61 a integral stock
Gave the Agram 2000 a permanet angled foregrip
Gave the Beretta model 12 a permanent vertical foregrip
Gave all UMPs a tactical Rail
Gave Kriss Vector a tactical rail
Removed MP40's permanet vertical foregrip
Changed Ar-7's stock to synthetic
Added the fact that the Sub2000 can be "Disassembled" (Folded) and it is medium sized when it is folded
Let SMGs take Short barrel rifle so that it can change it's designation to carbine
Gave AR-10 and AR10a3 an optics mount
Gave QBZ type 95 a bayo lug
Removed the "target" from the RFB
gave the svd a bayonet lug(why?)
Gave the F2000 an advanced combat sight
Gave the Zastava M76 a bayonet lug(why?)
Changed the PSG1's stock to Ergonomic
Changed Panzerb├╝chse 39 to a folding stock
Changed the Fusil to clip fed, and made fusil enbloc clips for it.
Changed the berthier from 3 round to 5 round
Changed that the Winchester 1895 can use stripper clips to reload
gave the Fedorov Avtomat a permanent vertical foregrip
Gave the Madsen a bipod
Changed the negev's stock to folding
Gave the FN-MAG a optic mount
Removed the "Error range increase' for the Negev MG.
Added the NEGEV NV-7, a GMPG 7.62 MG
Fixed the G3a3 and a4's weight issue
Added Individual Field Dressing
Added "Preserved meat" to the food
Corrected the Six12's upgrades to read correctly
Increased Law enforcement and investigative's handgun budget to 30 WP and added .357 Sig to the list of approved calibers

Modern magika
6.11 to 6.12
Complete Spellcheck
Added in throwing weapons for ingot crafting(Can't believe I forgot that)
Changed teleportation os that it's touch only
Allowed pencils to write on more than just standard or cotton paper and extended it to all papers.
Added "Cloth books"
Added Cap's shield and Thor's hammer
Changed all Black powder single shot guns from SA to single
Removed "Gordon Gecko's tie"

Advanced Arms

Clairified that you only need one hand to repair a cybernetic limb
Changed book to look better for printing

As always the books are updated here, and the

Monday, August 20, 2018

A Stealth Edit out of nowhere!


Had to do some fixes! But here they are!

Core rulebook:

(Stealth Edit) Fixed the PWA PDW AR-57 CQB AR upper to be in decimal lbs.
(Stealth Edit) Changed all of the skill feats to a single feat called "Skill Focus". No game effects have been changed
(Stealth Edit) Changed all of the Saving throw feats to a single feat called "Focused saving throw". No game effects have been changed
(Stealth Edit) Added ball bearings.

Modern Magika
6.10 to 6.11
Gave Abjuration trap detection more options than just burst radius
made abjuration's traps more clear on what you can do
Clarified beaconpaper's "Line of sight"
Removed Spell Focus feat
Removed Potionmaker feat
Changed Enchantment so that you can have an item be activated on touch, or immediately
Changed Fire Cantrip from "Ball of light" to "Ball of fire"
Combined FIre cantrip
Gave Illusion a cantrip that allows them to create a ball of light that is 30' burst, and can be placed up to 50' away from the caster
Added a mangetism cantrip to eletric evocation.
Changed Enchantment from options to "uses" and "Time"
Changed Evocatioon's enchantment to allow the imparting of enchantments to ammuntion for ranged weapons, BUT if you fire ammuntion that is already enchanted, it only uses the ammunition's enchantment, and it counts as a use for the enchanted weapon
Gave enchantment a cantrip that allows somene to determine what the effect and charges a magic item or aetheritem has
Added the ablity for a mage to "Sign" an enchanted item
Doubled the bleed damage output for conjuration(1 SP per 2 bleed)
Allowed Tranmutation to shape the ingots in any polyhederon
Gave Illusion a new power "distort" taht allows it to give an object or a creature concealment
Gave illusion some prestidigitation effects

FID is also updated to link up with the updates

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Release day! Releasing the new fixes

Y'all know what to do by now!

Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook
6.12 to 6.13
Changed locations of some text to make the game easier to read/learn
Removed .22 short from the reload list
Items that carry other items now have a maximum size they can fit objects.
Any object that "Increases strength for carrying capacity" now just gives you the carrying capacity bonus
Changed carrying capacity so now it's a formula (str score * 3 lbs) 
Volume of liquids has been changed to generic "units", where 8 fl oz/60 ml is 1 unit, in 1 increments
Changed the Craft pharma's Antiseptics bonuses to reflect purchased Antiseptics
All Weights are crunched down into "Decimal Pounds", or pounds and percentages of a pound
Changed Forgery and Authentication kits to Gigantic and removed their weight
Changed k2 and K1a1 to 0% error range, and made the K1 a folding stock
Changed Gillie suit to 20 minutes to change
Gave clothing a carrying capacity and some outerwears
Noted that wearing clothes doesn't go against your carrying capacity
Added the notion that a spotter users all of their CP to spot
Changed a lot of the food to decimal lbs.
Changed Canned food to 1-8 NV, and reccomended that a GM roll a d8 to determine the value
Changed Pistol whip damage
Blended SMG Feats into Rifle and carbine feats
Blended Machine pistol feats into handguns
Eliminated "PDW" Feats.
Moved all the "Reloader" feats to their respective locations
Moved a LOT of the flavortext for guns explaining their history and use to the GM section
Changed the machinegun box cost by size
Combined Pump Gunner and lever action shooter into one single feat called "manual action quickshot"
Reduced Ergonomic stock's time to get it situated from 1d4 days to 1d3 hours, and allowed it to be readjusted to a new user taking 1d3 hours
Changed all of the notations in the calibers to go from slases to more natural "Or" and "And" language when determining what calibers one can use
Changed galil ace to 4T upgrade slots
Changed Rpd to linked with 100 round boxes
Changed Pistol lower to allow it to attach stocks.
Clarified Double bowman so that it is a MODIFICATION of the standard attack, and not a seperate attack
Removed the -1 to attack per bleed dice, due to it's non-use and balance issues
Allowed Flamethrower shells to ignite fluids

Modern Magika

6.09 to 6.10
Changed all Weights from oz to decimal Lbs
Changed the formula for Kobolds Carry Capacity
Changed the formula for cave dwarfs carry capacity
Increased the amount needed to craft bloodink to 1 unit
Increased the amount an ink pouch can carry to 1 unit
Removed Dramatic Dungarees
Increased Potion pouch to hold 2 potions

Gave Globe launcher filings cost

Advanced Arms

Items that carry other items now have a maximum size they can fit objects.
Gave the jackets a carrying capacity
Volume of liquids has been changed to generic "units", where 8 fl oz/60 ml is 1 unit, in 1 increments
All Weights are crunched down into "Decimal Pounds", or pounds and percentages of a pound
Gave Brawler's jacket pockets

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I got a Pateron, also, what the fuck am I doing?

So I finally broke down and got a pateron, mostly just to gauge intrest in this game possibly, and to see if I can snag a beer after 10 years of work.

If you wanna donate, head on to

To do so. If you don't? That's cool too. The PDF books are still firee, will still be free, so none of that "I'm charging now" garbage.

Print edition soon?

Also! So I've listend to the players thus far and from what I'm hearing the game, rules wise, is damn near perfect. That's good!
But, what I'm also hearing is that there are a lot of meta issues with the game so We're going through and correcting those now.

Chief change is the weight issue: It's too many damn numbers to be bothered with. Therefore I'm doing a number crunch, turning everything from oz to decimal pounds(Because I still refuse to go to metric),  simplifying both the calculation of carrying capacity, and how items affect it.

There's a bunch more minor meta things, like making things easier to read/use, primarily looking at making the gun charts a bit easier to use. So look forward to that.

And as always, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stealth Edit

There was an issue with overexposure ammunition that I had to resolve, so I've update core rulebook. It's minor, no change necessary, but please grab the latest verson!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Update Release!

I didn't think I'd be releasing this!

But there were serious errors! So I fixed them!

Below are the changelogs

Also! I corrected the character sheets so they're less crap now, so you can use them better!

Also! FID 1 got updated as well! Go redownload it!

Modern magika

6.08 to 6.09
Made some changes to Transmutation to allow the crafting of black powder projectiles, and added reciepies
Fixed some formatting
Clarified issues in transmutation.

Added an example of how to write spells.

Core rulebook

6.11 Complete Edition to 6.12
Changed the removeable chokes so that full and extra full chokes only work with birdshot
Removed the attack bonus to Modifided choke and instead let it just increase the range
Changed Full choke's bonus to a +2 from a +3
Change fanning expert from -1 CP to "may make a single fanning attack for 0 Combat Point Cost per turn. This attack takes additional rounds of ammunition. This attack must be taken before the character's turn ends."
Change slamfire expert from -1 CP to "may make a single fanning attack for 0 Combat Point Cost per turn. This attack takes additional rounds of ammunition. This attack must be taken before the character's turn ends."
Changed Armor Optimization and armor mastery to only require one of the armor prof feats instead of all of them.
Added the word "unamred melee" to the attack for knockout punch
Added the maxim 9
Added a note that potshot attacks can not be reduced below 1 CP.
Change quick draw attack to make it once per combat encounter
Changed Fencing martial arts to give a +2 when attacking arms or legs with one of the fencing sword
Removed all BAB requirements for feats
Removed Seige equipment from the the craft rules
Change Colt shotgun to the correct year
Allowed Unarmed combat specialist to be able to cause extremity damage with unarmed attacks
Gave the XM25 a thermal sight
Changed opiods and some meds to 1 oz
Changed antivirals to 2 oz weight
Increased the bonuses of antiseptics
Changed antiseptics so that you need at least 1 rank in Treat Injury to use them.
Changed Tournquets from 3 rounds to 2d3 rounds

Added the "Unarmed strikes" not-a-weapon

Advanced Arms

Changed Cyberlegs so that it mentions that you're buying a set.
Changed the Ceramic upgrade to make the ingots crystal instead of plastic
Changed the formula for how Augmentations affect mental limit

Changed sport cycberleg's ML penalty to -8

Friday, May 18, 2018

Don't call it a comeback


Below are the changelogs! And boy are there a lot of changes

Everything is updated.

In addition I've included a prototype spiderbot program that generates gunstores for peope. It's not complete, and I will be issuing updates for it as I fix more and add more to it.

It is open source, so you can look at my bad code:

Core Rulebook:
6.10 to 6.11 Complete Edition
Made Major corrections to a lot of issues/tables
Added SJSPs to intermediate rifle
Changed the ROFs so that Fast means more bullets and SLow means less.
Gave Slow ROF the ablity to do potshots and Single shots
Added the Colt Monitor
Addd the HCAR
Added the S&W Model 27 in 6 and 8.75 inches
Removed Force stop Feat and Drive By attack Feat(Who even uses these?)
Changed Street fighting Feat to give an additonal 2 damage dice
Increased Knockout punch to 4 damage dice
Changed Improved Brawl to 2d6+Powr
Changed Bleed damage so that 3 or more points against ehp or chp wihtout armor causes bleed
Doubled Acid Damage
Removed "Blown away" Status Effect
Removed "Dazzled" Status Effect
Removed Mini bulldozer, two wheel transport trailer and added Anvil, Furnace, grinders and eletric sharpening/grinding stones, power hammer, to Construction kit
Reduced Tactical sheath to 1 WP
Changed so all swords and knives come with tactical sheaths and changed the price to reflect that
Added Limb protector upgrade for armor
Changed Speechcraft's Diplomacy so that indifierent, friendly, or helpful don't add their Charisma bonus.
Gave Lying a base TN
Changed Stunned so that you get Half CP than normal.
Removed the AoO from trip, and removed the Feat "Improved Trip"
Removed Feint and "Improved Feint"
Changed AP ammo to: "This ammunition is specifically constructed to pierce armor. It provides −1 damage die. When attacking targets that are armored or have natural armor to Ballistic damage, it provides +2 Piercing damage dice, plus +1 Piercing damage dice per 2 damage dice over 2."
Changed Dodge, Mobility, and Evasion to require AGL +1 Instead of just 13 Dex
Changed Mobilty so that you don't take AoO when leaving a threatned area
Removed Rifleman Feat and added all it's effects into Rifle Specialist
removed Sniper, DMR and AM riflemenfeats and rolled it's effecs up into Disttance rifle specialist
Changed Tactical Draw to include like firearms
Removed Pistoleer and Wheelgunner and rolled up the effect to handgun Specialist
Changed Cleave so that you can move +10 feet before making the attack
Elusive target changed to AGL +2
Removed Int 13 from Improved disarm
Sunder changed to Focus +1
Removed the Int 13 from Combat Expertise
Changed Dead aim to 7 CP, and allowed the character to move, and added other failure posiblites with it.
Lever shooter no longer requires Point blank shot
Pump Gunner no longer requires Point Blank shot
Shotgunner removed and all effects rolled up to SHotgun specialsit
Removing Power Attack from Power throw requirement and changed it to Pow +1
Gave Defensive martial arts 1/Bludogning DR
Removed Vehicle Dodge
Moved Reloading to be under Ammuntion, and changed the Categories for reloading to go from the TYPE of rounds you're reloading and not the caliber categories for crafting guns
Changed the rounds per batch for the ammunition from reloading
Changed the TNs for making ammo
Moved Gunsmithing to a section under Guns
Added the Hi point 10mm carbine
Clarified that all Hi point carbines take their respective mags in the same caliber
Changed Detcord to an explosive from a detanator
Added Carcano rifle and carbine(Due to Roland)

Added Food bars and Candy Bars
Added the feat "Quick Throw" that allows people to throw faster at a reduced range.
Added Hcar Rifle
Changed HCAR to HCAR DMR
Added an example for increasing stats
Gave Frag and HEDP launchable grenades the ablity to knock people prone
Removed Combat Awareneess feat
Changed quick draw attack to remove the penalty and make the attack for 4 CP, made the notion that it MUST be in a holster or sheath
Changed The Character generation in the following ways
BAB is by level now, instead of purchasing via COP
Changed Restricted objects to 50% increase
Changed Improved Inititave to +3
Removed the OGL stipulation, as Ops and Tactics is no Longer under the OGL
Removed Weapon Fienesse requirement from Pressure Point Strike
Removed "Energy Drained" From Status effects
Changed Suppresive fire to sustain or end from 12 cp to 9 CP
Added attacker rear defender for attack options
Changed Sprayfire to +4 damage dice instead of doublign damage dice
Changed the folding stock so that when folded it either turns the gun back to it's origial size or reduces it to medium, wichever is smaller.
Removed the Folding stock's +2 to stealth when folded, due to the size reduction
Removed the requirement that detachable stocsk can only be attached to guns they were designed for
Changed concelament so that cover can provide concealment
Gave 3/4ths cover the ablity to save for no damage
Changed Evasion Feat to allow the use of medium armor as well
Changed Battleaxe from single bladed to double bladed and removed the piercing aspect
Changed description for shortswords
Increased Flamethrower's HP from 5 to 20
Changed Stop bleeding so that it is no longer timed, and now heals 2 bleed damge, and +1 bleed for every 4 points beoynd the TN
Added 7.62 Tok, 7.63 Mau, and .32 ACP to the M47 medusa's compatiable ammo
Changed The PLR-22 to Medium sized
Moved the Kel-tec PLR-22 to SMGs
Moved the Ruger charger to SMGs, and gave it a pistol grip
Moved CZ EVO3 Pistol to SMGs
Moved Century Arms Draco Pistol to SMGs
Moved Keltec PLR-16 to SMGs
Moved the G3 Pistol to SMGs
Moved the FAL pistol to SMGs
Moved the Auto Ordnance Thomson Pistol to SMGs
Moved the Sig MPX to SMGs
Increased the amount that hemostats stop bleeding, and lowered the cost
Lowered the cost of Antibacteraisl and antivirals
Lowered the cost of painkillers
Reduced cost of Aniseptics
Reduces cost of SPray on bandage to 1 WP and increased bottle use to 20, and increased the purchase ammount to 4
Added Tourniquet
Added Cold Packs
Added Liquers to The drinks example
Completely overhauled food so that it notates how long it will feed a character in hours not, abmigious "Days"
Changed "Simple Firearms" variant rule to "Generic Firearms" because if you want simple play SQUATS.
Removed Bludgoning from the bleed damage chart
Changed armor so that any damage that gets through armor is considered bludgoning damage.
Added the Compenstaor to all mateba revolvesr
Made all matebas +1 Mastercraft
Gave the obrez the "Not affected by Error range"
Changed slings so they don't take frame upgrades
Changed Preciscion upgrade so they don't take frame upgrades
Changed Clockwork action so it doesn't take frame upgrades
Reduced the cost of Clockwork action
Changed all notions of #4 buckshot so that it now grants a +2 attack bonus within the first 2 range increments and a -4 damage penalty, except magnum
Changed #4 Magnum buckshot to a +2 attack bonus and a -2 Recoil penalty
Changed Birdshot's attack bonuses to +2, +4 and +6 for #3, #6 and #9 birdshot for all mentions, respectively
Changed magnum Birdshot's damabe bonues to +2, +3 and +4 for #9,#6 and #3 birdshot, respectively
Changed Magnum slug damage to +6 damage bonus
Reworeded the magnum recoil penalty increase
Increased STrung buck's damage to +8
Changed type 99 to 7.7
Changed Type 99's ROF to M
Changed 6.5 arisaka to 4d6
Changed Mondragon to semi only, and removed the 100 round box
Removed the Type 97 Light Machine gun(As it is not a light machine gun)
Changed AR-7 to take 5 minutes to assemble
Changed Non lethal cased rounds from chalk(?) to a rubber bullets, and made them only work within 2 range increments.
Removed Galil Mtar due to it being a copy of the C-tar
Reduced Norinco qbu-88 reduced to 150 with scope
Added the Lynx GM6 Anit Material rifle
Added the Zastava Black Spear anti mateiral rifle
Changed the Glisenti model 1910 to 15% error range
Changed Pistol lowers to make them SMGs for feats, upgrades and combat
Reduced the error range cost for uppers/lowers
Changed all notions of guns by wars and instead refered them to technology periods instead of wars
Changed Rifle and SMG loader to 1 CP for stripper clips and from lose rounds
Changed shotgun reloader to 1 cp for loose rounds and reloading mags
Change Handgun reloader to 1 CP for loose rounds reloading.
Added more features to Rifle Expert, and changed the repair bonus to +6
Changed Repair bonus for Anti-material rifle expert to +6
Changed Repair bonus for Designated marksman rifle expert to +6 and added more features to the feat
Changed Repair bonus for Sniper rifle expert to +6 and added more features to the feat
Changed Repair bonus for Revolver expert to +6 and added more features to the feat
Changed Repair bonus for Pistol expert to +6 and added more features to the feat
Added more features to the feat Shotgun expert
Added more features to the feat break barrel shotgun expert
Removed Master sniper shot feat
Changed Marksman shot so that after the 1st round spent aiming, the bonus is increased by +1( so it goes +2, +3, +3 +4, etc)
Changed high visiblity sights so that they no longer take up any upgrade slots
Increased Finish bonus to +10
Changed Nylon paintball rounds to 1d2 bludgoning
Changed Compound Bows and Recurve bows in the following ways
Recurves can be used even without str modifier
Compounds need the str modifier to be used at all
Changed the STr requirements for compound bows
Gave Grapnel grenade launchers 120 feet of paracord
Increased the CP cost to 3, to get on or off a motorcycle
Increase Transport Helicopter's passenger load to 10
Increase Transport Helicopter's carago space to 6k lbs
Added the fact that Racing kit reduces the damage due to occupants for rolling over and collisions by half
Increased the health of M&P Vehicles
Increased the AP of M&P vehicles
Changed all notions of "Saves" to "Saving throw". Be professional.
Changed Sweeping fire so that the range is now 1/2 of  the range increment, up to 40 feet total.
Increased the Kommando LDP's range to 30'
Capped Explosive extremity damage to 10 total rolls(That should be enough so it doesn't get out of hand)
Removed "Gender" from the character defintions. No one cares.
increased flamethrower HP to 20
Changed Surgery so that it goes 1d6 per 2 skill modifiers the character has, to keep the surgery getting better.
Clarified Savant to only take it immediately, and not every level

Removed mentions of 9x17mm kurz
Added the sholder holster the ability to hold 9 shotgun shells, 15 loose rounds, or a PDW or rifle mag that holds 30 rounds or less
Gave the tactical holder the ablity to hold 3 shotgun shells, and added that a tactical holder can be purchased to hold a single PDW or rifle magazine that holds 20 rounds or less(So as to not crossover to magazine caddy. It's a holster for smaller stuff)
Added a note that belt holsters come in Kydex
Changed SMG rig to PDW rig
Removed all notions of .223 Rem in the game as there's no point
Removed all notions of .308 Winchester in the game as there's no point
Changed how Restrictions work for firearms in the following ways:
Burst fire is now a Restricted thing, instead of M&P.
"Short Barrel" firearms are down to Licensed, as, in a real rational world, there's very little point to them not being that.
Detachable stocks are now "none" since the whole SBR/SBS concept is gone.
Sawn/Sawed off shotguns are now "None" since the whole SBR/SBS concept is gone.
Changed the KAC masterkey, M26 MASS, Six12, and Taser Mount to Licensed.
Noted that Attaching a suppressor raises it's level to restricted.
Changed the following Firearms to Licensed
Mosin Nagant Obrez
M60 Reising
M65 Reising
Norinco QBU-88
H&K MP5/10A2
H&K MP5/10A3
Benelli M2 Tactical NFA (12 Ga)
Benelli M2 Tactical NFA (20 ga)
Benelli Nova Tactical NFA
M26 MASS Standalone
Mossberg 590A1 NFA
Mossberg Cruiser 590A1 NFA
MTs255-.410 Tactical
Remington 11-87P
Remington 870, 14”
Remington MCS Breaching
Remington 870 MCS CQB
Serbu Super-Shorty
SIX12 Full Stock
SIX12 Pistol Grip
Ithaca Auto & Burglar (20 AND 16 GA)
Armsel Protecta Bulldog

Changed the following Firearms to Restricted
Beretta 93R
Colt M4
Colt M16A4

Changed the following Firearms to M&P
All Firearms in Early Modern Machine Pistols
All Firearms in Early Modern SMGs except the M60 and M65 Riseling
All Firearms in Late Industrial Machine pistols
All firearms in Late Industrial SMGs
Colt Monitor
M2 Carbine
Sturmgewehr 44
All firearms in Early modern LMGs
All firearms in Early modern GMPGs
All firearms in Late Industrial machine guns
Gave AEK-919K Full auto(F) firing mode
Removed H&K MP5/40A2 Carbine/PPC rifle. No point.
Changed the 3rb carbine lower to Restricted
Changed the 3rb DMR lower to Restricted
Changed the 3rb Assault lower to Restricted
Changed all Uppers to Licensed, due to the fact that "SBR" laws no longer exist in the system
Removed Bayonet lug form Winchester model 1897
Added 3 Palmetto State Armory 300 Blk uppers
Changed Autofire and burst fire so that it also can be used to remove the modifier to make the gun reduced in requirement
Removed the notion that Charter arms .22 cal revolvers aren't affected by error range.
Added the Charter arms Pitbull in 9mm, 40 S&W, and .45 ACP
Changed Close combat Shotgunner feat so that it removes the penalty for firing a shotgun without a stock.
Changed the Norinco M2000 to the Stoeger M3000 Defense
Added JIC in 410 and 20 Gauge
Added the Mossberg shockwave in 12 and 20 gauge
Added the Benelli R1 and MR1
Added Browning Bar mk3 and browning Bar mk3 DBM
Added Henry Arms Octagon .22 Mag
Added Henry ARms Big boy in .327 Fed Mag
Changed The Extended barrel to allow someone to convert a regular rifle into a DMR
Changed Short barrel rifle upgrade to allow someone to convert an assault/target/battle rifle into a Carbine rifle
Changed the descriptions for CHP and XHP to imply that they both are meat points
Changed the TNs for Disabling security devices to make them easier
Fixed Lying TN so that it doesn't make harder lies easier to fool
Removed the requirement for bumpfiring for the weapon to have a stock.
Chagned the miss disatnce from a static to 3 range increments for a rocket and 1 range increment for a grenade launcher. don't miss!
Splash damage using a thrown weapon causes double damage when throwing ant a specific personS
Allowed Grenade launchers to have slings
Gave the Sites Spectre M4 a folding stock and vertical foregrip
Made Sites Spectre M4 M sized
Added .410 Bore Shockwave
Added Winchester 1200 and 1300 model shotguns
Added Hi standard flite king shotguns
Changed Wrist Wraps bonus to +1
Changed Brass knuckle bonus damage to +2
Changed Fencing Specialist feat that allows people to touch attack for 2 CP
Changed Fencing Mastery feat so that you can make touch attacks with no CP increase
Added FNAR L and FNAR H
Added Ruger Gunsite scout in both 5.56 and 7.62
Added AA-52, a French GPMG
Added 1886 Long rifle, a .45-70 rifle
Changed Tremendous srength rule so that it doesn't increase exponentionally
Added PGM Hetate II, a .50 BMG AMR
Added Mambi AMR, a 14.5x114 AMR
Added AAC honey badger
Added Magpul PDR
Added FN Ballista in .300 Win mag, .338 Lapua, and .308
Added the FR-F1
Added the Alejandro Sniper rifle
Added the Ksg-25
Added the Franchi PA3
Added Jatimatic machine pistol
Addd the Zastava M85 and M92 Carbine rifles
Added the SVU and Zastava M76 DMR rifles
Changed Nunchuku so that they can strike up to 10' away, and three section staff can strike up to 15' away
Removed the Improvised weapon for Rapiers
Changed how food works, again. This time it has NV, or nutrition value that You eat to for a day.
added some food.
Added FN Scar SSR and TPR DMR Rifles
Reduced VSS's range to 90 from 95
Gave M72 Law 10 points of ignore hardness
Changed "Shortened barrel" upgrade to "Compact Barrel" to avoid confusion
Increased compat barrel's bonus to +5.
Lowered Range increment  for compact barrel loss to 20%
Reduced COP to 4 Points
Added the cost for Six12 and M26MASS mags in the description
Changed the vertical foregrip to 2 CRP reduction
Changed the vertical gripod to notate that it's less, not more
Added Angled foregrip upgrade
Gave bodkin arrows +2 damage dice for armored targets
had a launched HE shell give a Saving throw or be knocked prone
Reduced the Starting COP score
Added graphis for the cones, thanks to Conscript Gary
Changed the handgun quote to Big Boss's quote

Advanced Arms:
Changed so all swords and knives come with tactical sheaths and changed the price to reflect that
Added Type 50 BC
Changed and removed all notions of "Nato", "Warsaw pact" and other real political and military monkiers from Plasmars, caseless arms, and lasarms. They may not even exist in your game :D!
Added a Jaffa Staff weapon, via Brandon
Added a bonus to Computer use for standard shell synthetics
Added cold vunerablity to agile shell synthetics
Increased Cryocases to 1600 oz(100 lbs) and 3200oz (200 lbs) respectfully
Added NanoMed, a microbot injecton for health
Added Health Analyzer

Changed 65 rounder to 60 rounder for caseless mags
Added Technician and Engineer positions in ships
Added Repair SUpplies upgrade for ships
Changed the HEM suit so that it's the percentage of ALL hp instead of just XHP
Added Electiric stinger to spiderbots/beebots.
Removed the ammo amount for storage tank
Changed skincover treatment so that casting it does not cause damage
Changed EMP grenades to no longer affect caseless firearms.
Changed chameocloak to +15 stealth
Changed Ceramnic's mental limit reduction has been reduced to +0
Increased Overdriver's effects to +6
Increase stealth suit to +18 stealth
Increased Curved hilt Attack bonus to +3
Added the notion that railguns can be disabled by EMP
Changed The thrown pellets so that they cover an area of 10' by 10' instead of a single or double range increment
Added Stun pellets
Added silver nitrate and UV rounds to Intermediate rifle
Changed Power COnserve emitter so that only 25kW and up can take this upgrade
Added the deflect action to the combat, and noted that someone can also block cased guns, shell ammmo, non ballistic ranged weapons, and thrown weapons
Re-added Spacecraft Operation Feat
Removed the "Aprox spaceship length"
Increased the ammount that a large cargo hold can hold small ships to 8
Change Dayglo so that it blinds you without sunglasses, and flashbangs, illumination, etc blinds you even with them
Added the fact that guided bombs grant a +10 Attack bonus when targeting atmospheric targets
Pilot checks when droping mines now adds to the tN
Change Pulse Emitter to R
Changed the following weapons to R, as there are no SBR laws or anything silly like that

Changed Type 50 Beamcaster to L(Why was it M&P?)
Changed Model 187 Voltrifle to L
Changed model 224 Voltrifle to L

Modern Magika:

6.07 to 6.08
Added "Magical barriers" to Abjuration
Noted that abjuration traps double in effects/dice damage, so that a person gets twice the bang per buck, when making traps.
Changed Aburation's length from 1 round to 1 hour and increased it hourly instead of "per round"
Changed Necromancy's "Life damage" to just say "CORE HP" damage
Added "Compressed Spell" feat, which allows a mage to compress a spell to take half the ML required, at the cost of taking twice as long to write and a +1 CP cost to cast.
Changed  Full Plate Armor Damage Reductions from 12/Bludgeoning, 9/Slashing, 3/Piercing, Ballistic to 12/Slashing, 4/Bludgeoning, 3/Ballistic, Piercing
Clarified armorplate to protect arms legs hands and feet
Added Copper Scaled Linothorax, Linothorax, and Bronze Chestplate to Armors, Via Brandon
Added Bronze Helmet, Via brandon

Changed the range increments from abjuration to Range for magical barriers
Changed Magical locks to "Can be used" so anyone can use that key
Changed the notion that weapons you transmute you are proficent so that you're only proficent in the transmuted weapon
Changed Transmutation to allow the pulling from even larger ingots, so you don't have to spend 2-3 turns shapiong ingots to make your weapon
Globe Launcher can now fire rocks and grenades
Added a "Blinding" effect to flash for Illusion
Increased default TN for Flash to 12
Changed some Evocation cantrip TNs
Changed Invokers so that it's just 10% reduction now isntead of a long formula
Removed The Spell focus requirement from Spoken spell
Reduced the cost to make The potent and extended potion slurry to 2 WP
Reduced cost for a lot of the negative effects
Reduced cost for Heavy heal
Added purchasable potions
Changed The Deflect feats to also allow to deflect thrown weapons, various non-ballistic weapons, cased rounds, and slugs
Changed intermediate deflect so that you can stop burstfire and doubletap attacks
Changed expert deflect so that you can deflect spray and sweepfire attacks and clarified that you can only send back plasma attacks.
Increased Abjuration to 12 hour increments

Changed Cave Dwarves CHP to CON + 8
Removed Spoken spell Feat
Added the feat "Stylus Caster" That allows you to cast spells without writing them down for 1/2, but you must have the stylus in hand to cast.
Changed M1855 to M1861(Craft Request). No stat change
Removed the +6 SP cost for permanency enchantment
Increased Curved hilt Attack bonus to +3
Changed kobold -1 size penalty to melee attacks.
Changed how Abjuration does locks by allowing someone to customize the lock itself.
Changed Transmutation's Transmutation expert feat so that it also allows for a mage to transmute objects directly from one to another without breaking ti down into ingots beforehand.
Increased Darwood's Bludgoning damage to +5
Increased spellscroll pouch to hold two
Changed Psiblade's curved hilt to be more in line with plasmablade's curved hilts
Reduced Chain Jacket to 104 oz weight

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'm not sure if anyone even reads these.

So I and craft are working on the very last bit of the proofreading for ops and tactics, so we're nearly done with that.

Spiderbot is chugging along nicely, as well. I've got an alpha worked out!

So still working on this. I'm not dead. Project's not dead.