Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some issues with ARMory

There were two errors I HAD to correct in armory, and as such update it.

The first was issues with some rifles using M14 mags when they really use AR-10 mags(Minor, I kow)

and the other was the full auto-only stens, when in fact all stens were select fire. Crafty britts.

The armory is updated, get it while it's hot.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh one more thing!

I changed the text file for character sheets so go download that too.

Also the current character sheet is out of version and I'll fix it when I get around to it.

The actual update Post

Alright, so I was stuck in a rut with the procedural guns thing so instead of it being a supply drop(It had long since become too long to qualify as one anyway) I'll just release it as it's own book.

Now onto the updates and changelogs!

Core changelog:

4e 1.19 to 1.20
Changed .357 Magnum to 3d4+3
Changed back to OGL

.357 magnum is way too..weak..for what it is so I gave it a little boost.


Changed .357 Magnum to 3d4+3
Changed .445 Webley to 3d4+1
Consolidated 8x57mm Mauser and 7.92x57 mauser to the same, and gave it the damage 5d6+5

Same For the webley, and I was pointed out by one of my /k/ bros that those two calibers are actually the same, so there's no reason to have both denotations.

Modern Magika:

Addded Stylus and feats that govern them
Removed Etoile, Acid Rainer, Charred one, Dread Tree, Doom hag and Invisible stalker from the monster list for due to possible issues with IP fraud.

The IP fraud is just a preemptive thing since I'm starting to actually show this sytem to people in the industry. Don't want to get sued.

Now, Styluses are the major highlight for this update. It has been brought to my attention that while the magic system is awesome and all that, there's no real way to do JUST magic, so a mage ends up having to also fight with a gun or a melee weapon or something like that. Styluses change that. They give a mage the ability to fling a spell(however weak and tied to their magical competency and level) that does a little damage, and has unlimited use. And some feats to help it out.

New Supply drop! SD12

What's in it? Muzzleloading guns and Aetherweapons! 

Now, muzzleloaders allow a mage to finally enchant and otherwise use magic on guns, since these are simple enough to accept it.

Aetherweapons are rods, wands, and staves that accept spells and can be used and cast by anyone.

Also! A fixing of a major issue with Supply drop 7:

So it's also been brought to my attention that SD7 was abit..limiting on what you could use. Instead of using the elements, I simply used "Types" like fluids and plasma, to represent things, allowing for a more expansive use of psionic powers, instead of just being stuck using water, or earth, or the like.

That's really all that changed. Look for more supply drops, and I'll finish the procedural guns....


But if someone emails me about it i'll put it back to the top of the list.

That's all for now!


So I've puhed past the block and Ive been writing a few thigns and I'm writing more things but for now you'll get this:

A new Supply Drop!

A reconfigured supply drop!

An update to Core!

An update to MM!

An update to Armory!

Look for it soon!