Monday, May 13, 2013


I haven't died yet! So! New updates for MM, Core, and Armory.

I'll do these one at a time, using the Changelogs

Core Rulebook

4e 1.12 to 1.13
>Added The Security Occupational notes, and input forgtton LBE gear

This is just forgotten information that I forgot to input when I included the security occupation, and I just straight up missed the LBE gear. It has been added.

>Reduced the cost of a Supressor from 10 to 7 per level

I did this because suppressors were prohibitively expensive, and the restricted license doesn't help too much either.

>Changed the Standard laser sight to give a +2 to all potshot attacks

This was done because these are what these lasers are for. They're for quick shooting, when you can't use your sights, and you need to point a laser at a target and give a quick shot. I can't believe I missed this.

Modern Magika

>Changed Shield Warrior Requirements to the correct Simple Weapon Specialist

Simple typo. Nothing big.

>Fixed the time chart to include the 6-7 notion

See above. An oversite.

>Removed the Add CP Transmuatiton Spell

This one came from a currently running playtest. It's straight up too powerful. Even being able to increase the CP by one point throws off the entire(And from what I found, rather delicate), Action balance.

>Removed The Add Defense score Abjuration Spell

This one got removed because of the same playtest, but a different reason: I couldn't hit the players. And then it hit me that the entire point of Ops and Tactics isn't about increasing your defense, it's about putting walls in front of your Core HP. it's about DR. That's why the Armor doesn't cale.

>Changed Enchantment so that you can only spend half the points you have for all the secondary schools

Again, playtest. This got changed because being able to use all your Points really eliminates the point of even using the secondary school outside of Enchantment.

>Changed Potent spell ink to Licensed and master spell ink to restricted

Playtest. This was required cause that shit is dangerous, yo.

>Cut time for Enchantment spells to last in half

This one was my own doing. I felt the enchantments were lasting waaaay too long.


Minor error fixes.

Well there you have it. Also, Motor Pool has taken a full stop, since I'm still trying to figgure out some good vehicle and squad combat. 

Harder than it sounds.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A trivial update.

After running a game, I noticed that it's probally a good idea to update Rules and Ammo Reference sheet could use an injecion of the firearm upgrades as well.

So I added it.

ALSO! Any discresepencies in Rules and Ammo refernce chart take presidence over the core rulebook. They're rules I just havnen't had a chance to release yet, but I will.

Download today!