Friday, March 24, 2017

New Release!

So there's a bunch of stuff that got changed. There's a new release out!

The changelogs are below!

Core Rulebook
6.06 to 6.07
Reviewed by Purple! As such lots of fixes.
Removed the ablity to "Take 16 or 18" and replaced it with roll stacking.
Changed TN values and times for various skills
Removed Dilletante
Gave "Unemployed" the ablity to take any skill and a single feat.(For being unemployed!)

Removed all the archetypes, and replaced it with a more streamlined "classless" system.
Removed all of the tallents and made most of them into Feats.
Made modifications to the rules to denote "Archetyal skills" to "Focused skills" and crossarchetype skills to "Unfocused skills"
Added Tannerite
Added "Sticks of dynamte" For throwing!
Removed the "Unarchetype" and the "Abnormal" as they are no longer required.
Recalcuated how Expirence points, leveling, and skill points are given out, thus eliminating the need for a hard level stop.
Removed the Variant rule "Level 5+"
Revised some of the checks for Perception, so gunshots are easier to hear
Changed the way the Crafting skill works, so a failure jsut means it takes more time and supplies to create a thing.
Added the ablityu to actually make bombs in Demoloitons
Added more skill features in PResence, and Speechcraft, based on the former charismatic's tallents
Removed Combat Sheath from Modern Magika and placed it in Core
Removed the "Higher attack means more damage" rule
Changed Pistol Grip and the folding stock so that they are more inline with one another.
Clarified close combat rules for shotguns.
Allowed stand alone Grenade launchers to actually take stock upgrades
More faithfully represented some stand alone grenade launchers
Changed the critical rule so that if you're wearing a helmet that stops the damage it isn't an automatic critical
Increased Sprayfire to 4 CP
Removed all of the BABs on feats
Took the SMG and Machine pistol Feat tree and condensed into the PDW feat tree.
Clarified multi damage dice with alternate types of ammo
VERY SLIGHTLY simplified grapple. But not by much.
Changed The RPG7 so that it can use multiple types of Rockets now
Added the SMAW, and allowed it to use multiple types of rockets
Added aformentioned Rockets(HEDP, HEAT, Frag and Thermobaric)
Added a "Backpack pouch" for Molle
Fixed a quirk where you could potentially spam pava/spray to blind someone for multiple turns(+10) so that they were blinded and could not fight

Modern Magika
6.02 to 6.03
Fixed format erros
Removed Combat Sheaths and placed them in Core Rulebook
Removed the chart for Stylus and replaced it with the formula for damage
Removed Goblins from the Selectable Races
Added a feat "Spoken Spell" That allows you to cast a spell for 6 or less SP withotu writing it down.

Changed All elves in the following ways:

Removed the weapon size penalties

Gave them a Recoil Modifier penalty due to their fraility.(-3 For high, -3 for forest, and -3 for Desert)

Added the item "Neural Inhibitor", that allows you to actually arrest people with Mental limit by removing their mental limit.

Advanced Arms

Changed Kandari so that they have a recoil penalty instead of a "Weapon size restriction"