Friday, May 25, 2012

Still working, hammering away....

So, I've officially "Finished" 4th edition, and I've started on Ops and Tactics: Armory, which is shaping up to look like a pretty decent book(No art still, unfortunately). I will administer (At least) two more updates to it, one when I finish Armory, and one when I finish Modern Magika(As recursive things to make sure things don't contradict)

Features of Armory: More firearms, as well as a healthy dose of variant rules that will put a little more depth and more variables when making choices with firearms.

More upgrades for firearms, and a completely redesigned gunsmithing chapter.

Did I mention more firearms?

The return of the Curio and Relic Firearms.

5th edition is also in the works, which is mostly adding social combat to 4th edition. It's currently in an early alpha build, and don't expect anything until after Armory is done, and i'm still deciding if it should be a patch addon, or a completely new version.

That's all for now!