Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Corona release!

This one's gonna be quick, here we go!

Core Rulebook

6.36 to 6.37
Changed Poisons so that they last a day before their effects start to recover
Change antidotes crafting so that you generate 5 antidotes from crafting
Change antidotes so that it allows you to heal 1 additional AB damage per day, per dose when you recover ability damage from poisons
Changed "Treat Poison" to remove the secondary effect
Added "Battle Belt", which is a belt with molle loops
Changed Stumble so that it actually stops the attack
Changed SHield Focus so that it grants critical threat increase and the equipment bonus
Changed SHield Specialist to Shield focus and let it increase the DR of a shield by 1 step

Added shield strike feat.

Modern Magika

6.27 to 6.28
Removed Poison, Disease, and Nausea from conjuration healing spellschool
Changed Wax tablet so it increase the time to scribe by 5 Times

Changed some things with transmutation and enchantment

Advanced arms was not changed

FIG 1 and 2 was also updated!

Come and get it!