Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Itching for an update

I decided to post an update since Kandai is taking forever cause it's a BIG ASS BOOK!

So I made some changes.

Funnily enough? Not to every book! Changelogs are below!


6.04 to 6.05
Fixed a bunch of errors I forgot to actually fix
Added Semmerling LM4(Becasue someone asked)
Added the Adler A110(Modern lever shotgun!)
Added the marlin 1895'
Corrected a bunch of lever action guns that didn't have the ammunition resistance
Changed the following guns to Dim Size
Ruger LCP
Micro Desert Eagle
NAA 32

Added This weapon receives a +2 to all stealth checks made to hide the weapon. to the following guns

NAA 380

Advanced Arms
Fixed typo errors

Added Power ratings to the ships

As always, Email me for issues!