Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corrections, and ideas, from /tg/

The idea book has been flushed and cleared, the items and ideas I was given have been introduced.
For now? I'm done. Off to start coding the programmer helper program.

Changelog is below!

2e 1.1 to 2e 1.2
Changed Battery life on phones
Increased price on Chemistry Kit
Minor change in the Climbing Kit
Changed the benefits kits give
Changed all references of "Heavy Machine gun" to "General Purpose Machine Gun"
Added Optics mount to M240
Changed Flail to exotic, and placed Mace, where Flail was
Changed Minor wording in Non-lethal hit point to clarify
Added Dufflebag carry weight
Changed slug barrel so damage doesn't disperse with range incriment
Added Note for Law Enforcement so the 25WP doesn't cover Upgrades
Added ballistic Knife
Added Defensive Grenade
Added Mateba Autorevolver
Changed Reloading rules so Reloading is 6 shots per full round
Added refill tube for paintball gun
Added 3 second variant rule
Added French Army
Reduced Injection knife cold damage to 8d4
Added BMP-3
Added RPG-22
Removed SUrge of strength tallent tree for STrong, and added CQC tallent tree