Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving from the paper to the program

After quite a bit of thought and play through, I've decided to use the Ops and Tactics ruleset to program and make a little game. They'll be more coming, but for now, mark my words.

There will be a Ops and Tactics video game.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Changing the name(Again)

Due to the confusing nature of the current name, I'm switching the name back to numerical versions, so the current version is Third edition.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got really bored, and did a little list.

After deliberating with a good friend of mine, he mentioned to me that Ops and Tactics bares a very similar look to D20 Modern, at first glance. In thought, he was right, which promted me to actually go through D20 Modern, and list off everything that was different about Ops and Tactics. And that list is below! While sloppy and long, it is a very accurate.

Differences Between Ops and Tactics and D20 Modern

Combat Round is not split into 4 actions, but rather Combat Points
Action Points are removed
Ability Stats Strength and Dexterity have different functions, and function differently
Reputation is Removed
Classes do not get a base increase to Defense
Melee and Ranged attack bonus are affected by Marksman ship(For dexterity), and Focus(For Strength) instead of the base Strength and Dexterity Score
The Wealth Bonus and the Wealth Bonus system has been removed in favor of the Wealth Point system
The Max level is 10, instead of 20.
Hit Points are determined at a static increase, than using a dice.
Special abilities have been added for each class, that they only receive at 1st level
All Base Attack bonuses, And saving throws have been changed
The Extreme Effort and Ignore Hardness Talent have been removed, and the Close Quarters Combat talent tree has been added.
The Defensive Talent Tree has been modified and the Increase speed talent has been removed and replaced with the quickened speed
The Resistance Talent Tree  has been removed and the unbreakable talent tree has been modified
The research talent tree has been removed, and the Savant Tree has been added.
Dedicated hero has been changed to Wise hero
The Empathetic talent tree has been removed
The fast Talk tree has been Removed
Added the Ability to change occupations.
Added the Unemployed occupation
Changed the wealth bonus for the wealth score, and gave a way to receive a salary
All skills and feats given for selecting occupations have been modified, to fit the skills
Removed Allegiances
Changed the base number of skill ranks from 3+ level to 4+ level
Consolidated Balance, Escape artist into Acrobatics
Consolidated Climb, Swim, Jump into athletics
Consolidated Move Silently, Hide into Stealth
Consolidated Intimidate, Diplomacy, Disguise, Sense Motive, Bluff, Slight of hand into Presence and Speech craft
Added Gunsmithing to Craft(Mechanical)
Changed Computer Use to Technology Use
Consolidated Listen and spot into Perception
Changed Gamble and how it works as a skill
Consolidated Read/Write Language and Speak language into Linguistics
Consolidated Repair into the various Craft Skills
Removed Tumble, Investigate, Decipher Script,Search, Research,Concentration, Knowledge(Current Events), Gather information, and Profession
Changed all feats that give bonuses to Skills to a separate feat per skill.
Changed Blind fight to Blind Sense
Changed Defensive martial arts to Evasive martial arts
Changed Defensive martial arts feat in how it works
Changed Advanced Firearms Proficiency to Autofire Proficiency
Changed burst fire to burst fire proficiency
Changed double tap to double tap proficiency
Changed Quick Reload to Tactical Reload
Changed Quick draw to Tactical Draw
Split up Two Weapon Fighting to Two weapon Melee fighting and Two weapon Ranged fighting
Split Up Improved two weapon fighting to improved two weapon melee fighting and two weapon ranged fighting
Changed the bonus Weapon Focus feat gives
Added The Following Feats:
Archery Specialist
Axe Martial Arts
Axe Specialist
Axe Mastery
Double Bowman
Fencing Martial Arts
Fencing Specialist
Fencing Mastery
Heavy Melee Weapon Martial Arts
Heavy Melee Weapon Specialist
Heavy Melee Weapon Mastery
Spear Martial Arts
Spear Specialist
Spear Mastery
Staff Martial Arts
Staff Specialist
Staff Mastery
Sword Martial Arts
Sword Specialist
Sword Mastery
Armor Optimization
Armor Mastery
Black Powder Firearm Proficiency
Black powder Specialist
Unarmed Combat Specialist
Improvised Weapon Proficiency
Brutal Throw
Power Throw
Combat Awareness
Combat Expertise
Marksman Shot
Favored Caliber
Favored Type
Danger Sense
Knife Martial Arts
Louisville Specialist
Quick shot
Handgun specialist
SMG Specialist
Assault Specialist
Shotgun Specialist
Distance Rifle specialist
Machine gun specialist
Explosive Weapon Specialist
Fanning Proficiency
Slam fire Proficiency
Reflexive martial Arts
Improved Reflexive martial arts
Top Off
Two Weapon Defense
Removed the following feats:
Improved Feint
Street fighting
Whirlwind attack
Advanced Combat Martial arts
Combat Reflexes
Agile Riposte
Frightful Presence
Heroic Surge
Improved Damage Threshold
Skip Shot
Advanced Two weapon fighting
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Changed how equipment is purchased, by removing the Wealth Score, and introducing Wealth Points, and as a result, changed how Restricted items work.
Removed ability to requisition equipment, and put that in the hand of the GM
Changed the damages of weapons as a whole, specifically the firearms so that they cause damage based on the caliber the firearm uses, instead of the firearm itself.
Added the choice to purchase different capacity magazines, and listed what each firearm is purchased with
Changed all firearms so that a licensed rating is required to own a firearm and conceal it without problems.
Added the ability to customize both ranged and melee weapons beyond master crafting.
Added Multiple types of ammunition for both cased and shell rounds.
Added over 800 Unique firearms spanning every type, from holdout handguns to Rocket launchers, as well as archaic firearms(Pre Cold War), and black powder firearms
Added a secondary type of Chemical Irritant(Bear fogger) and Taser(Military and Police X26 taser).
Added Recurve Bow, Compound bow, Paintball markers(With it's own variations of ammunition), and throwing axes
Added different types of arrows and crossbow bolts.
Added different types of Grenade Launcher Grenades
Added Different types of Thrown grenades
Added pipe bombs, Molotov Cocktails, and Fire Jars
Added Raw Explosive material, such as ANFO, Semtex, Thermite, and Nitroglycerin
Added Different types of Detonators to explode explosive material
Added Satchel Charge, Breaching Charge, Anti-tank mine, Bouncing Betty
Changed that Grenades take a round from being thrown to explode
Removed the requirement to take Simple weapon proficiency to use any simple weapons
Differentiated the difference between a survival knife, switchblade knife, and escape knife
Removed specific examples of Melee weapons in favor of broad categories(Example: Removed Billy club and extendable baton in favor of light club)
Added punch dagger, tool and sledge hammers, and changed the affects of shields
Added the ability to rifle butt and pistol whip
Changed Archaic weapons as a whole, introducing categories which grants proficiency with all weapons in that category, as well as removed specific examples for more broad definitions.
Added tons of Archaic weapons.
Changed some archaic weapons into Exotic weapons
Changed damages for most Melee weapons.
Reduced Improvised weapons damage, and effect, so that an improvised weapon is just a normal weapon not made to take the stress of using it in a weapon role, has a 25% chance to break, and only suffers a -2 to attack
Added Duffel bag, and changed the capacity of some bags
Added Work gloves and utility belts.
Added the MOLLE system.
Added various kits, in various sizes.
Added Smart-phone and standard phones
Added Concealed carry, Holdout, Tactical, Shoulder, undercover, and quick draw Holster
Added Gun-belt
Added Concealed carry, Holdout, Tactical, Shoulder, undercover sheaths
Added LBE Gear
Added Quiver
Added Concealment case
Added Double magazine clip
Added Stripper clips
Added Shell belt
Added Shell bag
Added Cartridge Belt
Added Shell bandolier
Added Refill tube for Paintball markers
Added Powder Horn and Bullet bag
Added Cleaning Kit
Added Flare Gun
Added Camp Axe
Added MREs, and Trail Rations
Added all major forms of Alcoholic beverages.
Removed Printer, Scanner, Digital auto receiver, Modem, Black Box, Caller Id defeater, cellar interceptor, Lineman's Buttset, Tap Detector, Telephone tap, and line tracer
Removed Evidence kit.
Removed Spike strips
Removed Mesh vest
Removed Portable stove
Added Cigarettes and Cigars
Removed all Archaic armor.
Added Light football pads, Flak Vest Undercover Vest, Plastitron, Molle vest, Motorcycle Armor, heavy Football pats, Red man suit, Crash rescue suit.
Added the ability to upgrade armor with personal fitting and trauma plates.
Changed Armor so that it does not give a bonus to Defense when wearing it without being proficient
Changed armor so that when wearing it, it grants DR to the specific type of damage listed
Changed armor so that it degrades when hit, and will become useless after it takes too many hits
Added the ability for armor to be repaired
Changed the Defense increases and Armor penalties when wearing it with and without penalties.
Added Helmets
Added the Ability to upgrade a vehicle.
Added Assault Crime
Added Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Schweizer 300, Yamahaw yz250F, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Toyota Hilux, BMP3, Police Cruiser, M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
Changed Combat as a whole, removing the Standard, Move, Free action infrastructure and supplementing the combat with combat points, which a player gets at starting level, and increases per level, that allow them to perform actions without any other restriction besides Combat point Cost.
Added the ability to increase one's Defense for that turn by moving 10 feet per +1 to defense after initial 30 feet.
Added Non-lethal hit points, which when depleted, knock the character unconscious.
Added bleeding, which saps a character’s health if they take a certain type and amount of damage.
Added Extremity damage, which affects limbs if hit.
Added Double fire, Bump Fire, Sprayfire, Sweepfire, Fanning, Slamfire, and suppressive fire attacks
Changed Double tap and Burst fire attacks, making them options, and the feats removing the penalties for them.
Changed penalties for fighting with both melee and ranged weapons
Added Mexican Carry.
Removed All forms of Advanced Classes
Removed FX abilities and any forms of magic as a whole.
Added Notes on what Occupations would have access to
Added Some creatures that would fit a standard modern setting.
Added Plenty of Alternate rules
Added a Homebrew space

So the bookmarks were abit off..

Alright, I had to fix something with the bookmarks, they're all good now

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The problem is fixed, and it's back up.

Forgot one thing.

I forgot to add /one/ thing in the new version, and as such, I'm taking the link down, and reposing the correct version.

Sorry for the inconvience!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Version, with a new twist on combat

After much deliberation on the game as a whole, originally sparked after playing a old game called Jagged Aliance 2 with the 1.13 patch, I've decided to make a large change to the game.

The changes I made do shake the very foundation of D20 as a whole, and give the game a more modular and tactical feel. The first change was to remove the archaic "Attack, Move, and Free action" template built up by D20.

Of course, there are still actions where you attack, actions where you move, and you can still talk and all that, but instead of simply receiving one each round, I've elected to remove all that, and work with a system I call Combat Points.

Combat Points are points that a character can spend doing actions, that have point values. A character can select any action they wish, as long as they have enough points for it. It allows the ability to fire multiple times in a round, if someone doesn't wish to move, /or/ move and use all of their combat points in a round, and anywhere in between.

The second change was to take a variant rule I came up with on a whim, flush it out, and make it an official rule. That rule is Ability Focuses.

One of the problems I've seen is that the Dexterity skill, as a whole, is one of the most important, period. A character with low dexterity has their ranged attack rolls affected(For guns), their Defense(for not getting hit by guns), and their reflex(For dodging stuff).

My answer was to take the Strength, and Dexterity skills(Two skills focused in fighting), and split them up. so that one part of the skill affects the accuracy with weapons, the other, everything else, such as the Reflex, the Defense, and the skill points. That way, a character who is a crack shot does not also have the best defense, /and/ the highest reflex save.

I also decided to add alcoholic beverages and Smoking choices(And consequences for doing too many), as well as a few Food choices.

I also added a few more guns, but that's hardly news.


2e 1.34 to Ops and Tactics D20 1.0
New Elements Ability focuses for Str and Dex
Introduced Combat Points
Removed Run
added Combat focus feat, and a bunch other feats that tie into the Combat Score
Added Sprayfire attack
Removed all Fantasy monsters
Added MRE
Added Alcholic drinks
Added Cigars and ciagarettes
Added Quickdraw holster
Gave some of the armors abit of slashing damage, for grenades.
Added Charter Arms Weapons
Added Throwing Axe
Added the Inebriation Status

Friday, September 2, 2011


Running a game with my current playtesters, found out firsthand that the gamle skill sucks massive ammounts of cock, so I changed it.

Also added some more guns(As usual)

Changelog below!

2e 1.32 to 2e 1.33
Added Marlin Camp carbines
Added Ruger Carbines
Added Ruger P90 and Ruger P91, .45 and .40 Handguns
Changed range of Ruger P89
Added Beretta Px4 .45, that takes 8040 magazines
Added Ghost ring Optics upgrade
Changed Gamble Skill
Changed X26 taser to Licensed
Added Cobra 37mm launcher
Added bumpfire stock, which allows easier bump firing
Changed overpressure ammuniton bonus from 3 to 6
Added a note about how stocks change size
New! Included Auto upgrades
Added Springfield ARmory to M1A