Friday, August 19, 2011

1.32, minor changes that are major.

Well, I didn't like the ranges for quite a few of the guns, so I changed them, worked them around, and fixed a few more minor errors.

So here's 1.32!

2e 1.31 to 2e 1.32
Changed Paintball markers to read correct Range incriments
Changed Far shot so that it reads for bows, Firearms, or Crossbows
Made More notion of non-lethal hitpoint increase in the front
Added Mary to dedication list
Changed UMP's Range incriments
Change Beretta Cx4 range incriments
Changed Full Sized Handgun ranges(Most of them)
Changed some Hunting and target ranges
Changed Carbine rifles ranges
Changed the ranges in general to make them abit more diversified, and made choice of firearm/caliber abit more important.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1.3 and 1.31, so fast, it's already obsolete!

The changelog for 1.3 and 1.31 is below!

This also marks when I'm starting the programming project, for Ops and Tactics

2e 1.3 to 2e 1.31
Added Backpack to List
Changed Bleed damage so that when you take a point beoynd the first one, the damage stacks, and when to roll the damage
Added Moose to the dedication list 
Added Damage by ammo chart in front of the guns chart

2e 1.21 to 2e 1.3
More spelling and format errors fixed
Changed quick feat descriptions to match full feat list for mobility
Added Pistol whip and rifle butt attacks
ACTUALLY changed APS Stechins to Military and Police
Added Ablity Focuses variant rule 
Changed VP70 From Medium to Small
Changed Danger sense from once per Day to once per combat 
Changed Molle Utility pouch to hold 6 lbs
Changed Molle shell pouch to hold 25 shells
Changed Molle Cased round pouch to hold 50 rounds
Changed Beretta 92FS and 96FS from 40 ft to 30 feet
Changed Bren 10 to 40 feet.
Changed Extended barrel from 5 to 10 feet
Changed Heavy barrel so Machineguns can use it
Changed Duffel Bag from 6 to 10 lbs.
Changed Linguistics to give players the choice 
Added Double Magazine clip 
Added Infrared and Ultraviolet Illumination to tactical flashlight
Added Night Vision Goggles 
Changed HE grenade to do fire only damage
Added HEDP grenade that acts as both a HE grenaded and a Frag grenade
Added M16A3
Changed MG4 to Light Machine Gun
Changed ARmor's AP bonuses 
Added Undercover Vest
Changed the Fast's health from 10 to 8, and their hp per level to 4
Added Draco Pistol(Which is a Mini-AK)
Added Buttpad Upgrade
Removed duplicate entry for Korth Pistol
Changed Folding stock from 2 to 3 stealth bonus
Changed Muzzle Break from 2 to 3 attack bonus
Changed Non-lethal to Foam Slug
Changed Explosive shell to Concussion and fire 
Changed Doublefiring a Grenade launcher and gun to a -3
Added Civilian Helicopter
Changed fixed stock from 2 to 1 attack bonus
Added Buffer stock