Thursday, October 19, 2017

This will probably be the most important post on Ops and Tactics you read.

All good things must come to an end. And after nearly 8 years of development, I seriously am getting to the point to where the things I'm fixing are so minor they may as well not be fixed.

So I'm going to call the system "Done". And I know there are some people who will remind me that I've said I'm "DONE" at least three other times, but this one is the real one. I want to move onto the Kandai project 100%, and the rules work as intended and they work fine.

Before I do fully wash my hands of the core rulebooks, I will release one more with some corrections and such to make it easier to read.

I do want to note that even though I am calling the rules done, I'm not stopping support for the setting. Feel free to ask me any questions, or anything like that. But I'm not adding anything new rules wise, and I'm not going to be making any more major changes to the system.

Now, on to the new stuff: The Kandai project.

I've posted before about Kandai, but now that it's actually taking shape I can talk about it. Kandai is the base setting for Ops and Tactics, with a few caveats. Firstly, it uses ALL of the books and a few of the variant rules. While you don't have to use said variant rules, for the best experience it's recommended that you do.

I don't really know WHAT to call the setting in terms of genre. It's semi-mundane space game with lots of minor wonderment things in it. There are planets(Not sure of an ammount yet), that players can travel to, or even be stranded on, since there are different technology levels, you could play an entire campaign on one territory of one planet and still be IN the kandai universe. So it's kind of an overworld universe for multiple types of play. You want to play medieval with magic? Sure. Futuristic people landing on a backwards planet and getting stuck? Go ahead.

Craft is writing the Monster manual that will introduce a bunch of new fun things to kill and be killed by, so expect that to release with the setting in tandem. Furthermore, there will be soemthing called the "System Information Guide(SID)" that will include planets and a host of prebuilt ships for characters to purchase, steal and fight.

So expect it to come. I've been working on it on and off for about a year thus far, but the edits to the core rulebook have been slowing me down.