Sunday, February 28, 2021

Alright so March 1st is probably really..uh..optimistic.

 I've more or less finished the core three rulebooks at this point, but having to remake armory has been a serious undertaking that I did not realize how big this would be.

So yeah, not march first, but I promise you that i'm still working on this damn game.

Also! I want to take a break after this. I've been working on this game for a very long time, basically with no real break, and I want to put Ops and Tactics into LTS mode for a little while. 

What this means is that I'll be correcting spelling, grammar, and rule contradiction errors in the game but I absolutely positively will not be adding or fixing anything for at LEAST two months. 

And just so I can prove I've been working on this damn game, here are the current changelogs for core:

Core Rulebook

6.41 to 6.42

Merged Cartrige holder and shotshell holder to "Ammunition Holder"

Complete Reformat of the book for easier reading and referencing

Moved a LOT of the guns from the core rulebook to the Armory, as well as some of the more focused rulesets like AR-15 building and gunsmithing.

Consolidated all of the SALT books into Core and Armory

Revised Two Weapon melee and ranged fighting so that if you have both it eliminates the AoO from ranged attacks in melee range while doing a two weapon fighting attack only, but only for normal AoOs, and not for no-miss shots

Reworded Danger sense to say "Roll twice take best result"

Clarified Improvised Proficiency to note that you need to be proficient with the weapon you're improvising

Moved all of the black powder weapons from Modern magika to Core

Reclarified Occupational skills and the bonuses to match with taking occupational skills first, not last

Noted that weapons are primarily closed bolt and removed them from the gun list.

Noted that AoOs come after the action that triggered them, unless otherwise noted

Added the karambit

Changed Grapple(Thanks Consript Gary!)

Changed Civilian MREs to 3 for 1 WP

Made Perception an Auto focused skill

Added Molle Dump pouch

Made some changes to suppressors. Instead of them decreasing the check, they increase the TN cost, and made other formatting correction

Added "Improvised kit" as a way to do things without a real kit.

Emergency services "Tech use" skill focus changed to drive

Changed "Straight barrel" to "Smootheboore barrel"

Changed "Short barrel rifle" to "Shortened Rifle Barrel"

Increased Black Market cost

Changed sling steady to remove it's functionality with a bipod.

Reduced the attack bonus for supermatch grade ammo to +4

Notated that the vertical grippod's +1 bonus only works when the bipod isn't deployed

Notated that all laser sights can not be used in conjunction with any other sight bonuses

Notated that the bipod can't recieve bonuses from slings or grips when the bipod is deployed

Changed Favored caliber to "Projectile Specialization" and "Ballistic specialization"

Notated that Personal Firearms Proficency grants proficency at using firearms but not for actually having the feat 

Changed painkillers to give 3 doses per purchase

Changed painkillers to give 6 doses when crafted 

Changed temp HP so that when it wears off you lose the amount of HP you gained

Changed painkillers so that when you take one while under it's effects it resets

Removed "Attacking through concealment" as it's redundant

Added decimal point to rope

Changed Contractor's field bag so that it can now hold medium objects

Changed crash rescue suit so that it protects against all areas

Added The fact that Charisma now can positively or negatively affect Wealth Point Rolls

Shifted Locks so that they can now fail open(ulimited tries) or fail closed(Broken after failure of a certain level/types)

Perception is now an auto-focused skill

Added Insulated gloves to the small eletronics kit

Added water purification tablets

Added a Mess kit

Added Nasopharyngeal airway and lube to standard first aid kit

Add Wire(200') to the small demolitions kit

Made an upgrade for armor that removes all the Molle at once from an armor, to allow LBE to be worn instead.

Notated that fall damage is bludgoning damage

Increased Unemployed skills to 2

Removed notion that offhand weapons only do half POW damage

Changed the wording in single action upgrade

Changed Club martial arts so that no penalty is taken when performing non-lethal attacks

Reduced Stun gun duration to 1d3 rounds

Reduced the taser duration to 1d4 rounds


  1. Are the Launcher Grenades set to have too-small of a wounding radius for gameplay reasons, or could you not find the documentation on them?

    I remember that explosives used to have a rule that their wounding and blast radii were equal to the initial range incrament multiplied by the number of damage dice, which gave them closer to the proper wounding radius and blast radius, but I can't find that anymore.

    1. The radius was cut down due to being able to spam grenades on a battlefield and just completely obliterate any combat encounter without issue. It's also why I increasd the miss radius so you actually have a chance to not catch your target in the radius if you miss

    2. That sounds like the Grenades aren't large enough on the MOLLE (as they should take up as much space as 2 AR mags), the enemies aren't using cover properly, and obstructions aren't catching enough shrapnel. Grenades are *supposed* to be OP, but you usually can only carry 2 or 3 at a time if you're carrying a reasonable load of ammo for your rifle and pistol. You're also not always going to manage to get it where you want it to be.

      From what I know, 40 yards is about as far as most people can throw a fragmentation grenade, with their lethal-radius being 15 yards and shrapnel going out to 230 yards, so this is also a problem of the shrapnel not coming back to hit the player

      Another thing that could be done is make them more expensive in addition to making them more dangerous to the user.

      You may have already thought of all of this, but I figure that it doesn't cost anything to suggest other potential solutions.

    3. The Molle wasn't an issue. The reason this was changed because a character, smartly, had a duffel bag of grenades and was just throwing them, defeating close range encounters because it doesn't matter what kind of cover you're using if someone is throwing 2-3 grenades each turn.

      As for them being too small. I dunno man, an M67 REALLY isn't that big. Even the singular pouches you can get don't take up the same amount of space as a double mag pouch.

      The lethality also depends on a few things, primarily the makeup, but in order to keep this game fair, and actually give options instead of 100% following reality, I reduced them, cause this /is/ a game, after all.

      Money doesn't affect anything. Money should never be relied upon to balance out anything, because that leads to making "op" things and then just making them expensive which causes players to go to that item and then using it as an "I win" button, like the grenades. Making them more dangerous to the user kind of defeats their purpose. Something i've noticed in playtest and even in live games is that players generally try to minimize risk, especially risk to themselves. That's why ER was changed to make it less..often.

  2. Also, just going forward, throwing grenades with both hands is boring. But going forward, shooting SMGs with both hands is fun!

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