Monday, July 4, 2022

Updates People! UPDATES!

 Here we go! Lot of love and shout outs to the team for this one. Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook

6.44 to 6.45

Typos and errors fixed

Changed Impromptu weapons to be per combat instead of per attack.

Changed the two handed bonus and rules so that you gain at least a +1 damage bonus

Changed Forceful strike feat to grant at least a +2 damage bonus

Changed "Orator" feat's name to "Vocalist"

Changed Integral stocks so that it provides a +2 recoil reduction, and makes all weapons it's installed on medium sized

Changed detachable stock so that it provides a +1 recoil reduction, and a +1 atk bonus to single shots and double taps.

Changed inserts to 12 CP to use

Removed Sniper Rifle expert's ablity to decrease range increment.

Changed firearm single shot cost:

Diminutive to Small firearms: 5 CP

Medium firearms: 6 CP

Large to Huge firearms: 8 CP

Gargantuan and larger firearms: 9 CP

Changed pistol expert's handgun benefit to graint a +1 damage dice for all doubletaps

Changed Medium Club to 1d8

Changed Heavy club to 1d10

Changed some of the armors to accept plates by default, without having to install molle armor holders

Created a new damage: Ballistic Piercing, which is to represent armor piercing ammuntion, and added the protection to some armors

Changed Tungsten payload so that it now damages AP of armor, regardless of if that armor protects against it's damage type or not.

Changed Steel core Projectiles to ballistic piercing

Added Combat Knife, which is a piercing version of the survival knife

Added Synthetic blood packs

Changed Long term care so it's not an extra +3 HP per day but it is 3 HP per character per day

Changed stun grenades to detonate instantly upon striking a hard surface

Notated that throwing a grenade back requires a TN15 reflex save. Failure means the grenade drops at the person's feet.

Notated that the small, medium, and large molle pack bags have a native slot for armor plates.

Modern Magika

6.33 to 6.34

Fixed typos

Clarified some issues with the Evocation Acid Spellschool

Added the Polymermorph artifact

Added Belmont Armory artifacts

Changed Enchantment so that permanent bonuses do not stack, at all, even with non-permanent bonuses

Changed Goblins in the following ways:

Removed the Improvised weapon proficency feat and the multi-tool requirement

Gave Dominant Mountain Goblins Improved Initiative Feat

Gave Pureblood Mountain Goblins Danger Sense Feat.

Added A space for the stylus in the spellbook

Changed the prices and yields of all of the paper for spells.

Added Gypsum paper, the best spell paper

Increased the Blast paper format to +15'

Increased Target paper's bonus to +4

Changed Beacon paper so that it's only the 1st range increment, and can only be used with spells that have a range increment.

Advanced arms

6.22 to 6.22.1

Multiple changes to space ship rules, please fully read the space ship rules to understand the new changes

Fixed some typos in the caseless firearms

Lots of Changes to how weapons work for spaceships

Notated that Synths can accept cybernetics like normal

Notated that microwire knives are field knives for equipment purposes as well

changed Microwire Short sword to piercing and the damage to 2d3+5

Changed M39 to Fast ROF

Changed the M7b to medium size due to the integral stock

Gave the MX, M15, M6 and M7 series of handguns optic mounts

Armory6.22 to 6.22.1

Changed the Colt Monitor and the BAR to both firing modes instead of semi auto.
Fixed more Minor errors and wording issues

Normal spot to get it! Go get it!

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