Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Update time!

 Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook

6.46 to 6.47

Corrected errors with some weapons

Gave all LBEs 2 canteen pouches

Notated that suffocation has actual CHP loss.

Added Red dot magnifier

Notated how much range an IR light gains for being an IR light in tactical flashlights

Added infared and UV modes to handheld flashlights

Notated that all light sources provide full illumination within their listed range, shadows within 2x their range, and near total darkness within 3x of their range.

Increased high output tactical flashlight to 50' range

Decreased cost of standard flashlight to 2 WP

Fixed issue with bayonet lug

Clarified Advance Combat Sight Text

Modern Magika

6.37 to 6.38

Added a Invoker Shadow Summon for tiny summon

Changed Invoker's Shadow Summon system so that they can spawn multiple summons based on slots.

Notated that Canyon Orcs can speak either of the trade bant languages as default

Fixed orator feat

Added a new Artifact

Advanced Arms

6.23 to 6.23.1

Minor spelling issues

Added Red dot magnifier

Clarified Advance Combat Sight Text



Fixed S&W Shield Plus magazines

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